Replacement Heatsink 9361-8i

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    I've found a supplier that sells heat sinks which I think will be a better option for the 9361-8i, they are a 26 fin heat sink with a 10mm base and an overall height of 28mm, they are 80mm long and have a width of 31mm, an eyeball comparison shows them looking identical in size but longer than the existing sink with thicker fins and longer.

    I am going to get a couple professionally polished up after having them C.N.C drilled and create a fan mounting shroud for them which blocks of the back of the sink so that the heat can only travel towards the exhaust on the case.

    Here is a pic of the raw sink with some approximate measurements as I didn't have my micrometer handy. sink.jpg
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    did you hear about enzo technology,, with very low profile heatsink + fans?

    for example

    SLF-1 - EnzoTech

    but take a look at their site for more heatsinks and fans
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