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Jul 11, 2017
Where is the thread delete button?
For sale are two Fujitsu D3348 B1X Motherboards.
They were in rough condition with physical damage to some components that i was able to repair, replace or work around with the help of a working reference-board.
What you see is what you get, all repairs and damages that i know of are visible in the pictures.

There was a problem on both boards where a transistor on the underside of the eps 8pin power connector would go bad which caused the board to fail to BOOT and get stuck in POST.
I tried replacing those transistors with adequate replacements which would work for a few minutes before also going bad and getting very hot.
Analyzing the working reference revealed that i could simply bridge that transistor, making it always "ok".
This workaround has held up, nothing around there gets hot anymore, and it didn't die after a few minutes like before :D
This might have deactivated some Safty-Feature, i haven't noticed anything, but who knows.
Make sure the VRMs don't get to hot! Just in case this was the VRM Hoverheat-protection, which i doubt, but who knows?

Now to the general Features of the Boards :
Square ILM, all 2011 Coolers will fit, you have to watch out for the screw length though, there are no holes below the ILM.
I can recommend Noctua if you need a recommendation .
Intel AMT on one of the two nics.
TPM onboard i think, there is a jumper to enable it.
One of the Few C612 boards that works with non Reg ECC.
The Platform has Primary and Secondary Ram-Slots where the Primary has to be populated first.
On those particular boards, the primary slot is against common practice, the black slot.
Populating a Blue slot without the black slot, will cause the Ram to not be detected, which may cause post and boot failure.

The first board, the #2 in its test configuration with a single reg ecc dimm and a e5 1620V3.

Without anything installed.

It had damage to smd caps and resistors on the underside of the CPU VRM which where replaced. Some scratches to traces were fixed with wire and solder.

The D and C Ram-Banks VRM beside the 24Pin ATX Power Plug* had physical damage to smd components. All missing and dead parts where replaced. A mlcc cap is still in place with visual damage, but it still does its job.

The D Ramslots have broken latches which may cause problems inserting the sticks, that's why those have the latches laying beside the slots in the pictures. Without the latches, i had no problem inserting or holding the sticks in place.
That is also the reason why this board is 70€ instead of 80€

The mentioned Logik problem with the Bridge where a transistor should have been.

A few pictures of the socket:

Another of the board with ILM to show that there is no long-screw-damage.

It is briefly tested.
All Primary slots were tested individually with a single 16gb reg ecc stick, and successfully posted and booted.
It didn't have any problems booting Windows10 and scored as expected in Cinebench.

Price is 70€ + shipping

Now to the Second Board, the number #1, following shortly.
Price 80€ + shipping

Location is Germany.
Shipping via DHL or MBE / UPS.
Payment via PayPal Family and Friends or bank-transfer.
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