1. bryan_v

    [WTB][CAN/US] 1U SFF LGA2011-3 Server & x16 PCIe NVMe quad-port card

    I'm looking for a few things: 1) At least one NVMe add in card for an x16 port, either 4 Mini SAS HD or 4 Occulink. Run is short and at PCIe Gen3 so a redriver is fine. 2) at least 2 short depth LGA2011-3 UP servers capable of supporting at least 2 x16 PCIe cards. CPU/RAM preferable but not...
  2. G


    The below items from my tiny home lab are for sale now: SWAP 2x 512GB INTEL OPTANE DCPMM swap with 4x 256GB version or 12x 128GB version SALE 1x (2x) Supermicro Mainboard X11DPI-NT 2.01A w/2x 8259CL or 8222L and 2x 512GB Optane DCPMM (Link) 1x Brocade ICX6610-24 - Price: 250.00 EUR ex...
  3. R

    EU [FS] 4GB Unbuffered DDR3 Sodimm ECC, LGA 3647 square coolers and other things

    For sale are various different things that are gathering dust at my place. That includes motherboards, RAM, CPUs, coolers and others. Also, dead, not so dead and repaired things because that is a hobby of mine. CPUs in sockets and other things in the pictures are not part of the sale unless...
  4. R

    EU AsRack EPC612D8A LGA 2011-3 C612 Motherboard 120€

    The motherboard for sale is repaired, some pins were bent and some ramslots didn't work. Since bending them back, all slots work. Used it as my Workstation for a while, with half a year on duty as my testbench after that. This is how it is currently put together and how it served me well...
  5. R

    EU old sale thread, ignore.

    Where is the thread delete button?
  6. D

    Asrock Dual 2011-3 under $100

    ASRock Rack EP2C612D16FM LGA 2011 R3 System Board | eBay Looks good to me, I don't recall decent 2011-3 boards going south $100 before. It even includes a couple of passive heatsinks. I don't actually need these myself, so bought one just to have a test 2011-3 system around. Still 12 left...
  7. V

    Help to identify Inventec board and supported HW

    I have purchased board on ebay - System Board Dual LGA 2011-3 Socket Motherboard T2652401 | eBay I know it is Inventec, some sort of B800xxx or B880xxx, but ... no any info on internet. Seller also do not know. It does not have any vendor specific labels, only MACs and model number I have...
  8. P

    EU Intel Xeon E5-2698 v3 16 Core 36 Thread 40M Cache, 2.30 GHz

    Used CPU, currently working in a Dell T630 server. Testing is available via Teamviewer if needed. Accepting reasonable offers as I don't know for what price these go usually.
  9. G

    Xeon E5 ES friendly server motherboard with IP KVM?

    Hi there, I've reached the bottleneck of my Lenovo TS440 machine and I am looking at upgrading to the E5 2600 v4 (or v3) LGA2011-3 series CPUs, it looks like there are a few "engineering samples" out there going for cheaper than retail. I was wondering is there a list somewhere listing the...