Not a good deal (Intel DC P3600 800 GB NVMe U2 $200 on eBay)


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Dec 31, 2019
My fault, please delete this thread.

btw: what are you thinking about this deal?
(PM983 960 GB for $168)
NEW Samsung PM983 960GB 2.5" SSD drive PCIe Gen3 MZQLB960HAJR-000AZ NVME U.2 | eBay
Did you wind up buying that Samsung PM983 from China? How is the drive? Is it really brand new, with no hours or data used on the drive?

The firmware is older than other ones I've seen on eBay and the Manufacturer date is also old, Apr. 2018 as opposed to 2018 Dec or 2019 Jan that I've found. But this price is good so I'm wondering if it's worth the risk, and very long shipping times to Canada.

Also, for which motherboard did you use it for? Wondering what benchmarks you get with AS SSD.