license setup for Windows Server 2019


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Apr 16, 2021
Dear STH Forum members,
it is not all o clear to me as howto the license setup works in a Hyper-V Setup with Windows Server 2019.

We have a 64 Core System that would run as the hypervisor - here I would install Windows Server 2019. On the Hypervisor we mostly have Windows Server systems running.
My question is:
- Do we need to license windows server 2019 for 64 cores on the hyper-v instance and also license each virtualized system ?

As an alternative I do understand that we could also run Hyper-V Server 2019. Our requirement is here that we are capable to run altaro backup and ideally use the Open Manage capabilities that are provided by Dell.
- Do you see any drawbacks with this approach ?

All the best


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Mar 18, 2016
If you use Windows Server with the hyper v role: one license per 16 cores (for 64 cores you will need 4 licenses)
- If you get the standard edition you are allowed to create 2 vms with the same license
- If you get the datacenter edition you are allowed to create as many vms as your hardware supports

If you use hyper v server:
- each vm will need it's own license, one license per 16 cores