IBM M1115 HBA not detecting disks

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Mar 17, 2016
Oslo, Norway
i have one IBM SERVERAID M1115 SAS (using tape to cover B5/B6) controller that's not detecting any disks after connecting it to my backplace, an SM 826A. I'm now using direct SFF8087-SFF8087 cable i bought from ebay/China. I was able to get into it's BIOS, but no disks are listed there.
Earlier, i used SFF8087 to SATA breakout cables and i could see my 2 SSDs.
What could be the issue now? The new chinese cable? I hardly think it's anything with the backplace since all other 8 disks are just fine connected to MB's onboard LSI 2008 controller.

I have not flashed the firmware to IT mode, i believe it's IR mode and the Supermicro 826 front LED is activated after connecting the rightmost SFF-8087 of the backplace to one of the port on M1115.
i used MegaCli64 and i see:
Adapter #0

Product Name : ServeRAID M1115 SAS/SATA Controller
Serial No : SP50504889
FW Package Build: 20.11.1-0184

Mfg. Data
Mfg. Date : 02/02/15
Rework Date : 00/00/00
Revision No : 02B
Battery FRU : N/A

Image Versions in Flash:
BIOS Version : 4.37.00_4.14.05.00_0x05290000
Preboot CLI Version: 03.02-020:#%00009
WebBIOS Version : 4.0-60-e_49-Rel
NVDATA Version : 3.09.03-0054
FW Version : 2.130.384-3359
Boot Block Version :

Pending Images in Flash

PCI Info
Controller Id : 0000
Vendor Id : 1000
Device Id : 0073
SubVendorId : 1014
SubDeviceId : 040d

Host Interface : PCIE

Device Present
Virtual Drives : 0
Degraded : 0
Offline : 0
Physical Devices : 1
Disks : 0
Critical Disks : 0
Failed Disks : 0

I wonder what "Physical Devices : 1" means?

Any tip is highly appreicated!
Physical Devices : 1


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Nov 10, 2015
In most bus technologies, the first physical device on the bus is the master, so in your case that's the controller itself, so without disks present (other physical devices) you only have 1 :)

If your backplane is working fine with a different controller and cables, and the controller you are testing works fine with proper forward breakout cables, it really can only be the 8087 cable causing the issue. Of course that would assume that the backplane is able to see the disks that you are trying to connect, using the working controller, so stick em in and see if the working controller recognises them :)