HP Server Expansion

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New Member
Nov 6, 2018
Hi all

I'm currently rocking a HP DL180 Gen6 12 bay, populated with 2 x 3TB SAS Parity Drives, a 500GB SATA SSD for Cache, and 9 x 2TB SAS drives for the array running under UnRaid.

I'm currently running out of space, so slowly working my way thru upgrading to 3TB drives on the array....I've currently got the parity upgrade finished.

Once I'm done, I will be left with 9 SAS drives, so am looking at ways to utilise them.

I've found a HP D2600 quite cheap, but I'm not sure on compatibilty.....can I hook this up to my DL180 via a SAS PCI card with an external cable, and it will simply show the drives in UnRaid as if they were in the main server chassis, or have I misunderstood completely? I don't want another array....I want the additional drives to be bundled together into one big array....is this even possible?

Thanks in advance!