HP ML350e G8 Server - CPU Option Opinions - Should I?


Dec 27, 2016
Hi All,

I currently have an HP ML310e G8 and whilst its a good server it is bottlenecked by the fact it only supports 32GB DDR3 UDIMM RAM and I use it as a ESXi host. The processor is a E3-1220 V2 (Quad Core no HT) and I have 2 of these servers running max ram and loaded with 4 x 3TB drives in Raid 5 each.

So a server locally to me has became available which is the HP ML350e G8 which supports dual E5-24XX CPU's and can take up to 172GB of RAM and 2 drive cages -- Much better and would mean I can consolidate the hosts

Anyway my question, Looking at CPU options I was thinking about a pair of E5-2470 8 Core / 16 Thread CPU but I think the power consumption (Expensive in UK) is going to kill me and is probably over kill. I could maybe use one of these and max 92GB RAM but an alternative is 2 x E5-2450L Processors which are a much lower power consumption 8 Core / 16 Thread (70W) but running 1.8GHz as opposed to 2.3Ghz and 95W TDP. Are these going to be sufficient and does anyone have any experience using them in their servers? and the extra threads will be good for VMs

I am getting the server for £150 with some hard drives so I think its cheap and worth it but then I might be better buying a whitebox with some supermicro bits? What is the general opinion of these servers over a build your own solution? All VM and ESX work with Storage Server / FreeNas/ PFsense / Windows / Plex etc running on the host


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Oct 31, 2013
What is your CPU workload?

The two processors you are looking at are going to idle roughly the same. So if your host is like most hosts where your need for memory outstrips the compute, then I would go for the faster one. I currently run an intel mb, with E5-1410 v2, 48GB of ram, 2 SAS SSD, 10 3tb spinners, and 2 hbas it will idle at about 100w.