HighPoint NVMe X79


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Jun 27, 2018
Hi. Firstly a big hello since this is my first post! I've been stalking STH for many years and have enjoyed and indeed benefited from its content, thanks.

I have 2 (now 1 since my 4930k decided to die!) X79 systems:
  • P9X79 Deluxe with 3930k
  • P9X79-E WS with 4930k (CPU now dead)
I would like to replace the 3930k in the Deluxe with a E5-2697 v2 (cheap on ebay) and use the machine for development (VMware Workstation since I'm a developer), video editing and as a music DAW. The 3930k will be moved into the P9X79-E WS for Unraid duties. After first testing the PSU (AX1600i) and H110i to ensure the system wont kill my 3930k also, the motherboard seems to be fine!

I'd like to breath some life into the Deluxe since it only has 2x Intel SATA3 ports and no NVMe. I'm rather confused as to whether or not I can use one of the HighPoint NVMe cards (ideally the SSD7110) with X79 since it is not on the compatibility list? I have a spare X16 slot free.

Many thanks