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    HighPoint NVMe X79

    Hi. Firstly a big hello since this is my first post! I've been stalking STH for many years and have enjoyed and indeed benefited from its content, thanks. I have 2 (now 1 since my 4930k decided to die!) X79 systems: P9X79 Deluxe with 3930k P9X79-E WS with 4930k (CPU now dead) I would like to...
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    Cheap chinese x79 mobos

    Anyone have any hands-on experience with these OEM motherboard with x79 chipset on eBay? I like that they support registered memory which I have some lying around and are cheaper to buy. I also like that they come in M-ATX form factor for a smaller build. The only question is longevity and...
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    Found: X79 motherboard with USB3.0 and Xeon E5 v1 support (CLOSED)

    No longer looking, bought a new C602 board.