Hardware pron thread


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Dec 21, 2010
Looks excellent for my rugged lanparty rack, too bad it'll be very expensive chassis.
That one in particular will be because of the redundant PSUs. There are other SC515 based chassis with single PSUs that will be less expensive.


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May 1, 2013
What is in @Patrick's custom Supermicro Chassis SC515-R407? It's not the X10SDV-TP8F?? Nope, but close. Am I in a dream?? Is that a Supermicro X10SDV-7TP8F sporting a Xeon D 1587 with 16-cores/32-threads at 1.7GHz - 2.3GHz, 4x SATA 3 (6Gbps) ports, 16x SAS ports via LSI 2116 SW, quad 1GbE via 1350-AM4, dual 1GbE via I210, and dual 10Gb SFP+? o_O (Supermicro with 10Gb SFP+ ports?? :p) So, if I'm right, can I keep it as my prize? :p Of course we all want to see the review of this monster hard at work. :D Is it more than we can handle? :eek: Did they crank it up to 3.5GHz? :rolleyes:

WiredZone has it listed ( :( out of stock) for :eek: $2236 a Supermicro X10SDV-7TP8F Motherboard FlexATX SoC with Intel Xeon processor D-1587 1.7GHz-2.3GHz 16-Core, FCBGA 1667.

They also have listed ( :( out of stock) for $503 a Supermicro X10SDV-TP8F Motherboard FlexATX SoC with Intel Xeon processor D-1518 2.2GHz 4-Core, FCBGA 1667. (But I recall seeing this one reviewed - so it's ruled out.)


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Jul 14, 2015
I had to meet certain design requirements (which I cannot disclose). Basically certain zoom distances, resolution, control method compatibility for the existing system, video output method, and outdoor weather-related requirements. There were only a few cameras that met the requirements, and this was one of them. Other cameras I use are the Flir DefendIR and older DI-5000.