Good source for quiet replacement fans for enterprise network switches?


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Mar 17, 2017
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so I have purchased a few old enterprise switches, they have a great feature to price ratio and can be had for next to nothing.

Unfortunately they are to loud for most people to be used in office settings where the switch is in the same room as workstations, etc.

I have a D-Link DGS-3427 at my house I modified with some 40x40x20mm Noctuna NF-A4x20 fans. Unfortunately I had to re-wire them and lost the reading in the Web GUI of the fan speed.

Latest acquisition is a couple HPe Procurve J8762A 10/100 POE switches with GBIC backbone for powering IP cameras. I heard they are pretty noisy and I don't want my client to curse the deities any time they're around it.

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good source for fans that are plug-in replacements for network switches that have all the wires in the right spot and are quieter than typical enterprise switch fans. Trying to get them as cheap as possible.

eBay has some 'replacement kits' with either Sunon f99042 or f4509f fans but they want like $20/fan which is ridiculous for what I'm sure is a $3-7 fan. Does anyone have a good line on these or other suitable fans?

Edit: After doing more digging I came around a sunon F9831W which is being sold as a Cisco replacement fan

PC fan wire colors seem to be Black -> Red -> Yellow

These network replacement fans appear to be Red -> Black -> Yellow

Am I on to something?
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May 12, 2013
Without knowing your switch.
I have used these fans many times on HP , Brocade , Netgear etc.

Search Ebay for
Sunon MagLev Fan MB40201VX
Sunon MagLev KDE1204PKV3

Lately, I purchased 40mm fan from
US $14.19 29% OFF|Sunon Maglev HA40201V4 0000 C99 4CM 40*40*20MM 4020 DC 12V 0.6W Super Silence Fan-in Fans & Cooling from Computer & Office on | Alibaba Group
Sunon Maglev HA40201V4-0000-C99 4CM 40*40*20MM 4020 DC 12V 0.6W Super Silence Fan
Purchased 3 set of 2 x fan , total with coupon = $34 ( 6 fans ) or about $6 each

To rearrange the fan wire, I used a sharp pointy pick, remove the wires from the body of the plug, then inserted the wires back in the proper order.
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