1. H

    Quanta LB6M Networking Issue, Access not working?

    Hello, I recently got the Quanta LB6M but it seems to have an issue as it will connect to the internet (IE get an IP address), but I can't seem to connect to that address at all. I have tried connecting through Putty using that IP but it didn't work, I have also tried just connecting through...
  2. P

    HPE R1N26A Composable Fabric FM 3180 25GbE Switch

    Anyone have experience with these? I'm eyeing a new in box one, but not sure if I need a subscription, licenses, or anything else to use it. I'm hoping to plug it in and it work out of the box. Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  3. J

    Grandstream 5 and 8 Port 2.5gbit & 1 SFP+ Unmanaged Switches - Cheap

    Hi all I tried searching the forum for a post about these and nothing came up so thought I'd post about them - Maybe worth STH doing a review. I'm not sure about the availability of these in the USA but they're available here in NZ at a few places, I've just picked up an 8 port version. 5...
  4. X

    Top China Switch with 48x2.5G + 4x10G + 2x40G + redundant hotswap PSU

    Following 2 months ago video on the "$400 insane China Mega switch" that was published on youtube I contacted the vendor to buy the new big brother switch that offers 48x2.5GbE + 4xSFP+@10GbE + 2xSFP28@40GbE :cool:. This one uses a more powerful chip with 1280M switching bandwidth and...
  5. J

    delete this thread

    Please delete this thread.
  6. S

    Looking for recommendations for a PoE+ managed switch with a 10GbE uplink

    Hi there! I've been looking for a cheap PoE+ switch that fulfills the following criteria: at least 8 PoE+ ports (1GbE or 2.5GbE) 10GbE uplink port (preferably SFP+) managed (to configure VLANs) rack-mountable low idle power consumption not too loud (will be deployed in a residential building's...
  7. S

    Silent 10G Switch 16 - 24 Ports

    Hello everyone, I have currently 2 MikroTik CRS312-4C-8XG andI think they’re pretty loud. So I was thinking to replace them maybe evenday do a good job. Someone on Reddit did a Noctua Mod but the temps are a bit high then (about 5C more in average). I would like to have more less the same...
  8. Z

    Quanta T3048-LY2 No Firmware

    Hello, I know there was similar post already, but it seem kinda dead. I got Quanta switch for tests, tried to update firmware, because Web UI didn't worked at all. Switch seemed kinda messy, cause it was used. I wanted to start from 0, so I erased flash, and now I don't have idea how to install...
  9. C

    Advice on Future-proofing Home Switch

    After browsing the Brocade mega thread, I just came across a deal for a pre-owned ICX 7150 48ZP (datasheet here). While non-Z models of 7150 usually come at ~$300-400 in my area, this 48ZP is $2800. I need you genius’ advice on whether I should get 48ZP model for home. I can think of...
  10. U

    Arista 7050s52 with sfp to rj45 third party transceiver settings

    Hi, I'm trying to setup my Atista 7050s52 but failing somewhere. I gave an ip to the managemrnt console and can ssh into it. I'd like to connect it to say port 48 to get it reachable from other port(s). OR to setup vlan interface(s) with ip to make the switch reachable from those ports. Now...
  11. spyrule

    Intel 100GB 100SWE48QF2, $750

    This seems like a good deal: INTEL 100SWE48QF2 Omni-Path 100Gb 48-Port Switch with Dual Power | eBay I dont know squat about these switches though.
  12. B

    EXPIRED QuantaMesh BMS T4048-IX8 - Broadcom oem variant 6 x 100/ 48 x 25gbe switch for sub 600$

    I've been hunting for 100gbe switch for a while just to play with. And i have managed to find this switch. The person below sells it for a fraction of the original retail price. Quanta IX8 BES-53248A1-G1-16E1 System 8 Bit Port Network Switch 115200 Baud Rate | eBay I purchesed the same switch...
  13. H

    Stupid Arista Question: Syncing Configs

    Hi all I'm chasing some advice on how to arrange and manage some switches in the homelab. I'm finally getting around to fixing my networking after having a my 'new' switches sitting on the shelf for a couple of years. As a background I've got: - 2x Arista 7050T-64 - 2x Brocade ICX6450 (running...
  14. M

    EU [SOLD]: ICX7150-C12P

    Brought it back from US but ended up not needing it. Brand new open box, with all original accessories and papers. Asking 350€ 300€ + shipping from Belgium (2000) or local pick up. Sold to @tubs-ffm
  15. T

    Canada [FS] Brocade ICX7450-48P, 4x10GbE copper + 2x40GbE QSFP+ modules

    Up for sale in Greater Toronto Area is a Brocade ICX7450-48P switch fully optioned with - 1 x ICX7400-1X40GQ QSFP+ Switch Module - 1 x ICX7400-1X40GQ QSFP+ Switch Module - 1 x ICX7400-4X10GC 4 x 10GbE RJ45 - 2 x 1000w AC power supplies - 2 x Fan modules Console cable is missing but I DIY-ed one...
  16. P

    PCIe 5.0 x16 via switch(?) to (4x) PCIe 3.0 x16?

    STH has reviews on the AIC JBOX, and the Microchip SwitchTec PCIe switch chips. At least in principle it sees possible to go from a single PCIe 5 slot to 4x PCIe 3 ... but I must be searching wrong, as not finding anything. Is this strictly the domain of custom hardware design, or is there...
  17. M

    EU [SOLD][FS] Mikrotik CRS312-4C+8XG-RM 10Gbit

    For sale is used in like-new condition MikroTik CRS312-4C+8XG-RM switch. Comes with all original accessories and packaging. I used this switch for ~7 months, side-graded to a Brocade icx7250-24p to consolidate and add POE The 10BaseT ports are 10/5/2.5 gig capable out of the box Works very well...
  18. G

    EU [WTB] brocade icx6450-24 or 24p

    In Portugal . I want a 6450-24 . The non poe version is preferred but I can deal with the poe version ( the poe version is louder and more expensive). Looking for a deal since someone cleaned them all out on this side of the pond . I would be down with the 6450-48 but it would have to be a...
  19. P

    UK Brocade switches (icx6450, icx6610, TurboIron 24x, FWS624, FCX624, FCX648)

    Before I put these on the 'bay, I want to give people here a chance for a crack at them, by way of thanks (I've tried to undercut cheapest UK prices I found there). They're a mix of extras I don't need from a bundle, and stuff I've moved on from. Except one switch with mangled cages as below...
  20. D

    Problem with edge switch SFP ports

    Hello everyone, I need a little help, I have an edge switch DCS-7050QX-32S-R, which physically has 4 SFP ports (1-4), but at the administration level I don't see them, I only see the QSFP ports, someone do you know what it can be?