1. G

    EU [WTB] brocade icx6450-24 or 24p

    In Portugal . I want a 6450-24 . The non poe version is preferred but I can deal with the poe version ( the poe version is louder and more expensive). Looking for a deal since someone cleaned them all out on this side of the pond . I would be down with the 6450-48 but it would have to be a...
  2. P

    UK Brocade switches (icx6450, icx6610, TurboIron 24x, FWS624, FCX624, FCX648)

    Before I put these on the 'bay, I want to give people here a chance for a crack at them, by way of thanks (I've tried to undercut cheapest UK prices I found there). They're a mix of extras I don't need from a bundle, and stuff I've moved on from. Except one switch with mangled cages as below...
  3. D

    Problem with edge switch SFP ports

    Hello everyone, I need a little help, I have an edge switch DCS-7050QX-32S-R, which physically has 4 SFP ports (1-4), but at the administration level I don't see them, I only see the QSFP ports, someone do you know what it can be?
  4. I

    how to find WWN in FC Fabric

    Hi All, I have many server with FC HBAs that connect to SAN Switch, I have a Linux server, do exist solution for find and show WWNs of other servers in fabric in my server? Thanks for your Helps,
  5. Z

    FS: SOLD

  6. D

    QoS Arista DCS-7060CX-32S-R

    Hello everyone, I have a case that I would like a little help, I have a DCS-7060CX-32S-R edge, which works spectacularly for me, but I would like to be able to limit the bandwidth per physical port and per vlan, someone has performed this action that can support me please.
  7. 5

    Consolidating Nexus 3048 and Meraki 8P POE into one new switch?

    Hey all - Have an Arista 10 Gbps "core" in my lab. But, I've also got a random smattering of 10/100/1000 ports whereas 6 or 7 of them are POE. I used to have a Nexus 3048 as my core and just hang these 10/100/1000 off of it and the Meraki 8P POE I have. Tired of renewing license. Tired of...
  8. B

    Nokia WBX 210 32x-100gbe QSFP28 switch

    Hello STH I have recently purchased the above switch from local recycling company, knowing that this switch runs ONIE I was mistakenly thinking I can install any Linux network distro, but unfortunately it's not possible, it looks like it's only supports Nuage. Did I just got a useless high-end...
  9. bryan_v

    Accoustics of MSX6036 for homelab

    Hi everyone, I'm contemplating getting a Mellanox SX6036 to act as a 40G core switch paired with CX3 QSFP cards for my VM hosts and storage nodes, however I'm concerned with the acoustics of the switch. The data room in my house draws in air from the hallway next to my office, so I've replaced...
  10. L

    EU FS: Brocade VDX 6740T switch

    Selling a working Brocade VDX6740T-1G switch. Location: Finland 48x 10GbE 10GBASE-T ports 4x 40GbE QSFP+ ports Firmware version 7.4.1b Two power supplies Five fan modules Rack mounting kit No cables or other accessories Pictures: VDX6740T - Google Drive The ports are unlocked to the max...
  11. bryan_v

    Addition of Layer 3 benchmarks to switch reviews

    In shopping for switches for edge locations and I've notice that none of the vendors, except for Mikrotik publish L3 routing benchmarks, and almost all the review sites only test L2 switch performance. Especially for edge locations, Inter-VLAN routing and static routes are the most important...
  12. R

    Brocade ICX6450-48 for $75 (eBay seller with 100% positive rating)

  13. M

    Multi-Gigabit / 10 Gbase-T switch with POE

    My house has a 10-year-old Cat 6 network with home runs to the IT closet. None of the network cables should be over 50m or so. I'm assuming I can get 10 GbE out of them, or at the very least multigigabit. Currently, I use a Cisco 24-port PoE-enabled switch, and have 4 Ruckus ZoneFlex 7982...
  14. B

    Juniper EX4200-24T IOS

    I am at a loss, I recently bought a switch (EX4200-24T) Second hand from amazon, however at some point during setup one of my config files was corrupted and now the only way to fix this is a format with a new OS install, Juniper support is trying to force me to buy a 1000$ support contract in...
  15. Z

    Looking for switch reccomendations.

    I’m looking to lock down my network by segregating all of my computers in case someone gets in. I had picked up one of these, and found it a bit lacking for the price. Wasn't aware it was ten years old, and the web gui was so lacking. (FireFox 5.0.1 was not fully supported) I'm fine in the...
  16. D

    help getting started seastone DX010

    Hello everyone, I come to you because it is the first time that I am working with these teams, when I connect through the console the switch shows me a promp in bash, but it does not load any switch operating system, someone will have some documentation for this, since I have not been successful...
  17. nsummy

    [FS][US-IA] Cisco Nexus 7000 18-Slot Switch Chassis - N7K-C7018

    I have 2 of these available, and they come with everything required to run, along with a few switches, updated to the latest ios. Asking $600 each plus shipping QTY Component 2 Supervisor Modules - Supervisor 1(N7K-SUP1), with 8 GB memory cards 2 M1 I/O Modules - 48-port 1-Gigabit...
  18. L

    UK HP OfficeConnect 1920 24G Switch (JG924A)

    Boxed, all original items included. Used for a few months in our office, surplus to requirements. Full specs here: https://h20195.www2.hpe.com/v2/default.aspx?cc=nz&lc=en&oid=6783404 Price: £60 SOLD
  19. D

    HELP! MikroTik switch drop packet (5%) - CRS326-24S+2Q+RM

    I am pulling my hair out right now. My MikroTik switch(CRS326-24S+2Q+RM) is dropping packets. Connections are simple. pfSense(10G DAC)-> MikroTik Switch-> computer. Ping from computers to pfSense, time out ~5%. Ping from pfSense to my computer, no time out. Ping from computer to switch mgmt, no...