fan noise

  1. G

    Help with my Fujitsu server fans

    Hi everyone, I'm getting closer to joining the homelabber club as I've bought a Fujitsu Primergy TX1330 M2 with a E3 1270 v5 and 16GB of Ram for the low price of 100€. However, I can barely keep it turned on! The main fan, properly connected to the FAN SYS 1 header as shown on the side panel...
  2. A

    Help Quieting My Supermicro Servers

    So I have two Supermicro servers, a 1U and a 4U. I just want to reduce the noise a bit. It's mostly the fan wall that is in them. Ideally I'd like to replace them with a quiet fan like Noctuas. I'm not worried about the power supplies at the moment, it's mainly the fan walls I want to get...
  3. L

    Supermicro M12SWA-TF PCH fan noise

    Rumor has it the Supermicro M12SWA-TF PCH fan is really noisy. Has anyone found any good solutions for this? Can the fan be swapped with a Noctua? Or maybe use the existing fan with an LNA resistor to slow it down a bit and rely on good case cooling? Thanks!
  4. G

    EU [WTB] 2U or 3U Supermicro Fan Shrouds

    I'm looking for Supermicro fan shrouds for 2U + 3U cases (825, 826, 835, 836) without any cracks. Example I already have:
  5. T

    Is it possible to replace the "plugable" PSU in my SC818G case?

    Hi everyone, I got a 5017GR-TF 1U server. I find that the PSU fan is noisy. I would like to know if it is possible to replace the PSU and the power distribution board to a standard 1U PSU. I see there are Post about replacing redundant PSU but I cannot find information related to the SC818...
  6. P

    Cooling help needed - Converting/replacing supermicro passive heat sink an active one

    Hello all I've been trying to quieten my supermicro server .. I replaced the stock fan which we very loud with regular PC fans.. that worked.. but I'm concerned about the temps of the CPUs.. I've not tested it too much yet but i'm confident it'll get too hot.. Currently I have passive heat...
  7. D

    HP ML310 Fan replacement?

    Hi, I have been searching for a while on a way to replace the noisy stock fan that comes with the server. I am looking to replace the rear fan and ideally all the fans with noctua pwm 120mm fans, the included fan however is using a 5-pin connector. Is there a way to replace it or am I stuck...
  8. G

    Mod of Supermicro SuperChassis 933T

    Does somebody know if I can mod a Supermicro 933T and exchange the triple-redundant (Sp382-ts 380W) for a p920-SQ and exchanging the powerboard. Is there a lot of modification needed? If not, somebody knows if the fans of Sp382-ts 380W are very noisy?
  9. E

    CSE-847 Fan Noise Woes.

    Finished my upgrade to a CSE-847 thinking I could throw all my disks into one unit, use one MB, and max the ram and be in media storage heaven. Well, I didn't think things though, filled the unit up, turned it on and found the fans screaming their way into my ears. I've tried various...
  10. S

    New Supermicro chassi SC847 (super quiet)

    Hi my internet friends, I am considering investing in a new SC847 chassis. It sounds pretty much. If I buy new fans Noctua NF-A6x25 PWM or FAN-0104L4 and replace them, I can minimize noise level. Chassi has two PWS-1K28P-SQ 1280W. 20-10-02 13-30-40 Njanja
  11. G

    I can sleep again ... Noctua NH-L9x65 in Supermicro SC216

    Thanks to @Rand__ for his help purchasing a solid Supermicro SC216 (2U) with a super quiet PWS-920P-SQ. I didn't have so much space for another 3U or 4U case in my IKEA home rack. Therefore I was looking for a 2U unit only, fully aware of the problems coming with it in a home office environment...
  12. AveryFreeman

    Good source for quiet replacement fans for enterprise network switches?

    Hey, so I have purchased a few old enterprise switches, they have a great feature to price ratio and can be had for next to nothing. Unfortunately they are to loud for most people to be used in office settings where the switch is in the same room as workstations, etc. I have a D-Link DGS-3427...
  13. H

    Gigabyte ga-7peslx fan speed

    Hi, I got few Gigabyte ga-7peslx motherboard. I'd like to lower the fan speed (actually running stock fan of supermicro CSE-825 at 6000 RPM, pretty loud). I try the ipmitool raw commands of supermicro board, but it don't work's : root@hv1:/home/alex# ipmitool raw 0x30 0x45 0x00 Unable to...
  14. Layla

    Create Custom Fan Speed Maps for SuperMicro X10 Servers via IPMI

    I got tired of the noise with my SuperMicro X10 Server (4027GR-TRT), but didn't want to get into involved hardware fan swaps which still may produce unsatisfactory results. For reference, the "Optimal" fan setting decided to run half of the fans at 8000RPM at idle, and the other half at 5000RPM...
  15. J

    Dell C6220 Gen1 Nodes in a C6220 Gen2 Chassis

    Recently purchased a C6220 I chassis but when it arrived it turned out to be a C6220 II least that's what listed when I found the Dell "refurbished service tag." It looks like a gen 1 case with 100% gen II internals. Apart from the outside of the case this thing is brand new. Looks...
  16. Z

    Noise and heat Reduction

    Hey, Like I mentioned in another Threat I want my NAS to be as quiet as possible (and of course cool as well). I already have a be quiet! Dark Power Pro 11 550W PSU and now I need some advices for cooling fans and case - both have to be cool and quiet. Any ideas ?
  17. O

    fan speed PWM (4-pin) oscillation

    I have a problem with a fan connected directly in mainboard supermicro A1SAi-2750F. First test i use the generic case fan 4pin (no data spech) the fan speed oscillation up and down and mainboard give alert. i buy another fan NF F12 PWM same problem... I fix temporary with a custom build cable...
  18. E

    cobbling a compute and storage server from a Symatec 5000 with S2600GZ MB

    i recently got a barebones Symantec 5000 (SYM5000 2U Server Chassis w/ Intel S2600G Dual 2011 Socket Motherboard 2x PSU) just adding 2xE5-2670's and 64GB ram. i managed to get it to boot into Windows 10! Unfortunately in getting there, i still have a lot of unresolved problems. i see several...
  19. Zack Hehmann

    Looking for low power CPU with VT-d and AES-NI for new pfSense build

    I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on a new pfSense build I'm looking at doing. I might consider making this build a light ESXi build that runs pfSense, a TurnKey Linux build with phpIPAM packages installed, and maybe an Asterisk server. I currently am using a Dell optiplex 755 and it's...
  20. S

    Proliant DL360 G6 + DL180 backplane (+ PCI-E HBA) = Fan noise?

    I have read that DL360 G6 fan goes crazy if you put hdd that dosent support (smart 194 temperature?). I have Dl360 g6 in a custom case that can fit 12x 3.5" dl180 g6 backplane. I was thinking of connecting all my drives to that backplane as I have few drives that don't give temperature in right...