Fusion-io ioDrive 2 1.2TB Reference Page


Oct 15, 2016
Czech Republic
Dug through the kernel and messages logs and absolutely nothing to indicate anything was wrong -- no messages relating to the device at all. The previous reboot on 6th of August went through just fine. The card worked as expected until the fateful reboot yesterday; it was running most of my VMs.

What is a pad in Fusionio speak? A NAND chip? Would have been nice to be able to at least get this into read-only mode to recover things..
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Feb 15, 2017
A pad should be a entire nand package on the board. It should also be able to keep going after a package failure with VSL3, though it should immediately go read-only.


Oct 15, 2016
Czech Republic
Would have expected the card to go into read-only mode considering the error message of a pad being write-protected.

Perhaps it's still worth it to experiment a little with with different driver/os-version combos. Not exactly very optimistic at this point though. Kinda making me lose faith in using these :( This was my 'spare card' that was covering for my 3.2T model until I got a new server to run that in.


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Nov 11, 2022
Hello, I have ended up with an OLD iodrive2 that I am trying to get working in my win10 desktop for no other reason than I want it. in trying to get it going I have tried a few driver version off of the san disk site. I went through this in trying to identify which firmware to put on it but the PA number (PA003717-027_5) doesn't exist in the info files.

C:\WINDOWS\system32>fio-status -a

Found 1 ioMemory device in this system
Driver version: 3.2.15 build 1699

Adapter: Single Adapter
Fusion-io ioDrive2 Mono 1.300TB, Product Number:F00-001-1T30-CS-0001, SN:1152D1006, FIO SN:1205A05CD
ioDrive2 Mono Adapter, PN:pA003717027
SMP(AVR) Versions: App Version:, Boot Version:
External Power: NOT connected
PCIe Power limit threshold: Disabled
PCIe slot available power: unavailable
Connected ioMemory modules:
fct0: SN:1152D0315

fct0 Status unknown: Driver is in MINIMAL MODE:
The firmware on this device is not compatible with the currently installed version of the driver
ioDrive2 Controller, SN:1152D0315
!! ---> There are active errors or warnings on this device! Read below for details.
ioDrive2 Controller
SMP(AVR) Versions: App Version:, Boot Version:
Located in slot 0 Center of ioDrive2 Mono Adapter SN:1205A05CD
Powerloss protection: not available
Vendor:1aed, Device:2001, Sub vendor:1aed, Sub device:2001
Firmware v6.0.0, rev 105900 Public
Geometry and capacity information not available.
Format: not low-level formatted
PCIe slot available power: 25.00W
PCIe negotiated link: 4 lanes at 5.0 Gt/sec each, 2000.00 MBytes/sec total
Internal temperature: 71.86 degC, max 71.86 degC
Internal voltage: avg 1.02V, max 1.02V
Aux voltage: avg 2.49V, max 2.49V
Rated PBW: 17.00 PB
Lifetime data volumes:
Physical bytes written: 0
Physical bytes read : 0
RAM usage:
Current: 0 bytes
Peak : 0 bytes

The ioMemory is currently running in a minimal state.