Compatible raid controllers for a Supermicro SOC board?

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Sep 22, 2021
Hi all,

I'm using a SUPERMICRO MBD-M11SDV-8C-LN4F AMD EPYC 3251 SoC board for a low-power Lab/personal server. I really wanted to use a Dell PERC H700 but it boots loops the POST screens due to a weird stop error (either a BIOS Fault or base port adapter not responding, some times it get t the press y to enter setup but would boot loop back to the begining of POST). I am uncertain if this card requires more power than the board can provide (literally a 24 pin connector been reduced to 4) but neat little system. I tested it in a full EATX Supermicro with a full 24pin connector and such and the PERC card works fine. I had borrowed an ARCEA ARM1680IX-8 card just so see if it would even recognize it and power it and it does (but this is a 3Gb/s card and i would need at least a 6Gb/s card).

Are there any Raid card recommendations for a board like this that would use a SAS/SATA fan out connector? at this point, I'm buying and returning cards just trying to find something that works. any help is appreciated.

There isn't much to go on in terms of a supported card list