Choosing a new HBA for Proxmox in IBM x3650 M3

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    I have a IBM x3650 M3 with M5015 RAID controller (running stock firmware) , which sees disks just fine in the controller's bios but then when booting Proxmox fails to recognize any disks, as I detailed here:
    Proxmox 5.1 and M5015?

    Updating the M5015 seems to be a giant pain in the neck and there's no guarantee it will work with Proxmox anyway (it seems like it was working on earlier versions from my considerable Googling).

    So I'd like to buy an HBA. SAS2 is fine. Budget is around $75 tops, preferably less.

    This STH article (can't find a date but it claims it is continually updated) recommends LSI for OmniOS but Adaptec for ZFSonLinux (not sure if this means to avoid LSI on Linux): Top Picks for napp-it and OmniOS HBAs (Host Bus Adapters)

    The software stack will be:
    - Proxmox 5.1 running ZFSonLinux
    - FreeNAS VM to send out the NFS shares

    Options (fleabay pricing):
    - LSI SAS 9207-8i $70ish [ports on back]
    - H200 $35ish
    - M1015 $70ish [ports on front]

    I'd like something that just works--no flashing or annoying things like this, as I have very little time to fiddle. Here are my concerns for pitfalls/traps that would leave me having spent more money and still struggling with this:
    - IBM did something annoying with firmware and only IBM branded stuff will work (I don't think this is the case, but there's not a ton of info available on IBM servers online)
    - Proxmox still won't recognize the drives or doesn't have a driver installed for the new HBA stock
    - The existing cable won't reach and I have to spend $ on a new one that's longer [thus my listing front/back ports above; the M5015 has them in the same place as the M5015 - on the front right next to the metal shoe where the card mounts]
    - I'm stuck spending hours trying to flash a card to IT mode

    Basically I just want this machine to work already :)

    Thoughts appreciated.

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