HP H220 (9207-8i) cards $48 OBO + FS


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Feb 3, 2016
San Antonio, TX
The listing & sticker on card say they are 9205-8i (PCIe2) but the chip is SAS2308(D1) which is 9207-8i PCIe3 card.
They've accepted $35 ea for 2 on my first offer.
Got the cards few days ago but just got to open them a little while ago. They do appear new bulk stock. At the time of the post they have over 260 in stock. Nicely packed.
Though these are already in IT mode, couldn't flash directly to 20.00.07. I used sas2flsh (P14 DOS) to erase and put P14 FW and then flashed to P20.

At $35 ( or possibly less) for new bulk, I think these are a better value than SAS2008 based used cards

New HP 660088-001 H220 2-Port SAS 6G PCI-E HBA SAS9205-8i | eBay


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Jan 6, 2016
Or using HP expanders I had in mind a limit of 112 drives attached... (don’t know why I have that number in mind but seem to remember where I saw it documented by HP)