Chassis for Supermicro H12SSL-NT that support NVMe backplain

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May 17, 2023

These things cost < $2 each. Folks on the thread mentioned that if the ICs break and there's 3.3V flowing to the BMC chip or to the BMC memory - these operate at 1.8V and 1.2V and they can get damaged, so not just a question of replacing the U4-U6 ICs. FYI - when I got my motherboard back after the repair, it was a new motherboard

It's kinda sad, as with the Supermicro chassis, the SM PSU and the PMBus connectors etc, having the H12SSL in the chassis really was like having a Dell poweredge server (ie the motherboard can monitor PSU load etc)
I would put a 1.8v TVS diode on there so that if the voltage spikes it gets pulled to ground


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Aug 22, 2023
These are three problematic components on this particular motherboard - U4, U5 and U6. They're DC-DC voltage regulators and found just off the BMC chip

View attachment 29080

These are incredibly prone to breakage. If the BMC does not initialize properly - the board will not boot, rendering it useless. After using the board for a while I had recommended it to quite a few folks. Of these - two had problems with the board not booting after some PCIe component install and one had a problem with a H12SSL that they were installing from new-in-box . All these could be traced back to one of these components breaking off. Knowing this I then moved my H12SSL from a Norco chassis to a Supermicro chassis. I was extra careful with it but very recently, I had to install and flash a few NIC cards and at some point - the board stopped working. As you can see, there's damage to the U4 component. Keep in mind I was careful so that should tell you how delicate this component is. These will break even if you put what can be considered normal pressure with your fingers.

Like I mentioned earlier - read the thread linked to earlier: - where several folks have had the exact same issue. Supermicro has almost always repaired free of charge but you do have to send the motherboard back for repairs and you do have to pay for shipping to SM.

Maybe the components were from a bad batch - don't know but I've stopped using or recommending the H12SSL series.
A new version of this motherboard has appeared, ver1.02, which moved these parts elsewhere and now it's less prone to breakage, check with the vendor before purchasing, you can still go ahead and recommend it, but you should remind them to go with version 1.02!


Mar 12, 2015
I just want to go on record as i bought one of these off ebay, had the same damage and had to get it replaced.