Bios update, screen black

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Feb 6, 2016
I'm running a Tyan tomcat n3400b bios v2.01 Quad core
American Megatrends
On board Card basic standard
8g ram
Windows 10
Last night I tried to flash bios, which was successful at the end but went into a black screen, I waited for 5 mins to see what's next, nothing happened so I reboot it and the monitor says not connected( monitor is a Tv)
I have tried CMOS resetting no success, I have tried plugging out the power supply, CD-ROM, Nothing
Waited for hours till I fell asleep
Does this mean my bios corrupt?
My fans run fine boot up led lights are normal everything looks fine to me Keyboard lights on, except the mouse.



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Nov 26, 2014
try to switch to backup/secondary BIOS, if booting up correctlu... you have corrupted BIOS

I had one issue with my tyan, when updated the BIOS and looked good to the final flashing.
the only solution for me was switched to backup bios (reset the bios first), and update the backup bios. basically use backup bios since primary bios was corrupted

do you have ipmi running? I did flash primary via ipmi and successfully but still stuck on blankscreen. my primary bios is a dud :p
switching to backup bios, I flash with newest bioas firmware again, and worked. the motherboard boots from backup bios now since primary is a dud.

just look n3400b, the mobo only one flash(bios). no backup available...