Aruba S2500, vlan and ACL

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New Member
Mar 31, 2019
Hi. I've got Aruba S2500-48P switch and currently in process of setting it up.
I've read couple of manuals, as well as cisco vs aruba manual available from HP and got extremely confused.

I would like to block any communications between two VLANs on the switch and came up with the following:

ip access-list extended vlan_6_in
 deny any
 permit any any any
vlan 6
interface vlan 6
 ip access-group in vlan_6_in
 ip address
This seems to be accepted, but cisco vs aruba manual suggests that ip access-group in vlan_6_in should go into vlan 6 section, not interface vlan 6 section. Am I doing this correct way and misunderstand the manual?