1. Z

    FS: SOLD

  2. S

    Aruba 2920 / Intel X540 NICs not working at 10GB speed?

    I have an Aruba 2920 with the J9732A 10Gb expansion modules, and 3 PCs with the Intel x540 t1 10gb cards. For some reason I simply cannot get this setup to actually work at 10Gb speed. The connections all indicate they are negotiating at 10Gb, but iPerf caps out at 2.5Gb. Initially I used a...
  3. S

    Basic help / step by step to convert home network to L3 / vlan routing

    I hope I'm phrasing the question right. I've got a configuration in place right now, and I want to reconfigure, but the terms and concepts are confusing me a bit. I only sort of understand the concept and I'm trying to learn this stuff and apply it to my setup. At the moment, my inter-VLAN...
  4. E

    [FS][US-IA] Aruba AP-354 US x2 with mounts, AP-515 US (SOLD)

    All APs on the latest Instant OS. Prices are shipped CONUS. AP-515 US: Wifi 6 beast, like-new. I haven't tracked down the box yet (just moved), but will keep looking as that also has the mounts that come with it. Not promising I have that till I actually get my eyes on it. $595 Open-box...
  5. J

    Aruba - Controller or IAP (your opinons)

    So I'm in the process of moving away from Cisco wireless and really looking into Aruba. In planning out what I want to use, I'm at the crossroad of going with a controller vs IAP. I bought a sealed 7005 that was just out of the post warranty support threshold so now I have a controller that may...
  6. N

    [SOLD] FS [US-CA] Aruba IAP-215 Access Points

    I have six almost new lightly used Aruba IAP-215 APs. These were used in a professional office environment ceiling mounted. Work perfectly we just upgraded a site to Ruckus AX. Thought I would offer them here first before they go on Ebay. Looks like on EBay these go for around $90-100 each...
  7. S

    Aruba S2500, vlan and ACL

    Hi. I've got Aruba S2500-48P switch and currently in process of setting it up. I've read couple of manuals, as well as cisco vs aruba manual available from HP and got extremely confused. I would like to block any communications between two VLANs on the switch and came up with the following...
  8. cheezehead

    Aruba MAS series - Round 2

    Aruba Networks S3500-48P-US PoE 48-Port Gigabit Mobility Switch w/ 2 x PSU | eBay S3500-48P with Dual PSU's and the 10GB card $74.99 shipped New Aruba S3500-24T Mobility Access Switch S3500-24T | eBay S3500-24T with single PSU and NO 10GB module $45.95 shipped Aruba Networks S3500-4x10G...
  9. R

    WTB: Aruba S2500-45P or Brocade ICX 6450-48P

    Hello, Looking for a reasonably priced Aruba S2500-45P or Brocade ICX 6450-48P. Located in California, in the Bay Area.
  10. cheezehead

    Aruba MAS series SFP+ & POE+ switches sub-$100

    Looks like pricing has dropped a bit on some older Aruba MAS series switches on eBay. S2500-48T (4x SFP+, 48x 1GB) - $99 shipped New Aruba S2500-48T-4x10G 48-Port 10/100/1000...
  11. L

    Using HP Procurve 2530 switches at home overkill?

    Looking to quieten down the home office which currently has a HP 2810-48G switch in it. I really want to make the room as quiet as possible which means swapping out the HP. I currently have four VLANs separated by Voice, CCTV, Management and Guest Wifi access. I don't need 48 ports, a quick...