A few QLE8362 Questions

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Feb 16, 2016
Has anybody used this card? It's an awesome card on paper, that supports both Fibre Channel 16G and 10GBE, but I haven't been able to find much mention of it online. The QLE2462. QLE2562, etc. products dominate the searches. So I'm hoping to find someone with some experience with the cards to answer a few questions:

1) Does it actually work in freebsd/truenas like the 2xxx cards do, as Fibre Channel?
2) a 16GB FC card should be able to accept 8G optics and just work as an 8G controller, only more efficient. Does this work in practice? My switch is only 8G, so I don't care about 16GB until it comes down in cost.
3) Part of the reason I'm looking into these cards is because I am trying to save space in my limited PCIE slots for other devices, so I'm hoping that one of these can function as both a single 10GBE port and a single 8/16GB FC port. Does anybody know if this is possible, and preferable, have a guide on how to do so?

Forum searches for QLE8562 show nothing, and google searches list a few obscure 3rd party PDFs and nothing else except sales listings.

Thanks in advance for an knowledge you can share.