1. P

    No 10gbe Proxmox on QOTOM Q20331G9

    Got this device from aliexpress https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005006191730512.html (on your recommendation) Installed proxmox but 10Gbe doesn't work. VMware ESXi works.... but we all know where that is going. Advice?
  2. sparx

    EU [FS/FT] Cisco C3560CX-8XPD-S

    I have a switch for sale or trade. Cisco C3560CX-8XPD-S. As far as I remember it came with IP-Base. 600€
  3. W

    HP 600 G9 with Flex IO 10Gbe Nic (56Q71AA) - Problems with Microsoft Server (Hyper-V)

    Hello dear servethehome team, dear forum members! A few months ago I was looking for 10Gbe solutions for mini PCs (Lenovo and HP). When I read the article on your site about the HP600 G9 with the 10Gbe HP Nic, I bought such a device and also the flex adapter! An ingenious solution. I run the HP...
  4. S

    Looking for recommendations for a PoE+ managed switch with a 10GbE uplink

    Hi there! I've been looking for a cheap PoE+ switch that fulfills the following criteria: at least 8 PoE+ ports (1GbE or 2.5GbE) 10GbE uplink port (preferably SFP+) managed (to configure VLANs) rack-mountable low idle power consumption not too loud (will be deployed in a residential building's...
  5. S

    Setting up network/pfsense machine w/ 2.5gbe home connection

    I recently got 2gig internet from Frontier (I am getting around 2.3gbe at the router) and want to revamp my home network to take advantage of the new speed and had some questions getting started. Before this I was stuck at 25-50mbps, so didn't ever really worry about any of my equipment. The...
  6. bob_dvb

    NXP LX2160A - Comedy value postage to sale price ratio

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/175519718876 I almost jumped on this, but had to read the fine print because I thought it was something like a screw or switch, or something. But the I spotted the Postage pricing. Still could be a good deal, but it's such a shady listing practice that I don't fancy...
  7. U

    AQC111U & Apple Silicon?

    I have been looking into ways to get 10Gbit networking capability to an Apple Silicon Macbook. At first I thought that the only viable options are: - Purpose-built 10GBase-T thunderbolt adapters. Still not sure which are apple silicon compatible. - SFP+ thunderbolt adapters (more flexible, but...
  8. L

    What CPU for LOW power ceph cluster

    Hey guys! I want to build a low power ceph cluster! Rejected Xeon "X79" LGA2011 etc I've considered getting some old Xeon LGA2011 or whatever servers from AliExpress which would make cost low, ECC RAM abundant and IO aplenty. But they'll probably idle at at least 60W each for just the...
  9. T

    Virtualizing TNSR alongside VMs on ESXi 7

    Software company I work for are starting to check how secure home labs are. Good idea but means I need to get a few things redesigned. I need to build a more secure zone in my home network in to which I can deploy and run various VM’s.. I was planning to convert my home network to 10GBE (mainly...
  10. D

    [Answered] Issue getting the X9DRH-iTF onboard 10gb interface working at full speed

    Hello whoever finds this, I am standing up my first 10Gb server and I'm encountering some issues. According to the manual and the bios this motherboard has an Intel x540-AT2 nic built in but I cannot get speeds beyond 1Gb to my 2.5Gb capable switch. I have dug into the BIOS and cannot set the...
  11. M

    Multi-Gigabit / 10 Gbase-T switch with POE

    My house has a 10-year-old Cat 6 network with home runs to the IT closet. None of the network cables should be over 50m or so. I'm assuming I can get 10 GbE out of them, or at the very least multigigabit. Currently, I use a Cisco 24-port PoE-enabled switch, and have 4 Ruckus ZoneFlex 7982...
  12. T

    10GbE NIC in PCIe 2.0 x1 (x16 slot), Will this cause problem?

    Hi everyone, I want to upgrade my custom build TrueNAS to 10GbE. However, I find that the motherboard only remain a PCIe 2.0 x1 (in x16 slot). I accept the low bandwidth (5GT/s) but I would like to know if the card will fail to work in that slot. Any recommendations are welcome :) Thank you.
  13. Z

    Discussion on parts and freenas VDev configuration for 10g Editing NAS

    Hello everyone: I'm looking at building my first freenas Storage server to store finished projects and edit directly out of. I've decided to go about DIYing it after being unimpressed by the performance/price of Synology and QNAP solutions. My goal for this build was to come up with a more...
  14. A

    Flapping NIC

    I think that's what it's called? This is in my dmesg Jan 24 22:32:44 nappit mac: [ID 435574 kern.info] NOTICE: ixgbe0 link up, 10000 Mbps, full duplex Jan 24 22:32:45 nappit mac: [ID 486395 kern.info] NOTICE: ixgbe0 link down Jan 24 22:32:45 nappit mac: [ID 435574 kern.info] NOTICE: ixgbe0 link...
  15. A

    A few QLE8362 Questions

    Has anybody used this card? It's an awesome card on paper, that supports both Fibre Channel 16G and 10GBE, but I haven't been able to find much mention of it online. The QLE2462. QLE2562, etc. products dominate the searches. So I'm hoping to find someone with some experience with the cards to...
  16. E

    Router Build Question

    Hi All, thanks in advance for any help. I am trying to setup a 10gbe PFSense server on some Supermicro hardware that I bought on eBay. I am trying to figure out if I have enough PCIe lanes for both the 10gbe NIC and a Samsung 970 evo in one of these enclosures. Any thoughts? Separately, does...
  17. Alfa147x

    US-CA: WTS Half Low profile bracket for Dell Chelsio T520-CR T520-SO-CR T420-CR HTTG1 card

    I have the following for sale: 3x Half Low profile bracket for Dell Chelsio T520-CR T520-SO-CR T420-CR HTTG1 card $5 + shipping/Each With Screws Images - Link Dell Chelsio T520-CR // J6VY6 $80 + Shipping SOLD I painted the LP bracket black. I'll include a fresh clean LP bracket. I'll...
  18. A

    pfSense / 10Gbe Networking Help

    Hello, I've always ever had a single wireless router in my environment, but as I get into servers that start to serve larger amounts of data and have insecure Internet of Things devices in my network, I think it's time to get into VLAN capable switches and a pfSense firewall. I don't think I...
  19. J

    vSphere 7.0 and 10Gbe

    I have a homelab setup that consists of a box running FreeNAS serving iSCSI to 2xDL380e Gen8's. I've been using "MT26448 [ConnectX EN 10GigE , PCIe 2.0 5GT/s]" cards, these were ConnectX-2 HP branded single SFP+ port cards. They will not function in ESXi 7.0 as they function as a "legacy"...
  20. B

    Good and cheap 10GbE Network infrastructure

    Hi there, I was wondering wich cards should I buy. Stumbled across a pair of Mellanox ConnectX-2 on the ebay for 99€. My goal ist using them with my Windows 10 Workstation (Threadripper 1900X, MSI X399 Carbon AC build) and my Homeserver (Xeon E5-2620v3 on SuperMicro X10SRi-F). Just a single P2P...