fibre channel

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    A few QLE8362 Questions

    Has anybody used this card? It's an awesome card on paper, that supports both Fibre Channel 16G and 10GBE, but I haven't been able to find much mention of it online. The QLE2462. QLE2562, etc. products dominate the searches. So I'm hoping to find someone with some experience with the cards to...
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    Help Requested - Fibre Channel SAN Setup

    Not my first time posting, but first thread I've started. Sorry if it's in the wrong category. Hardware: All Dell EMC². Product names unknown. 2× CX-ATA-DAE-FD 100-560-521 2× CX-2PDAE-FD 100-560-321 My brother acquired some old Dell EMC² hardware that we intend to turn into a small SAN for...
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    Ceph and LIO and FibreChannel Oh My!

    Okay, I tried first on /r/storage and they kinda turned their noses up at me...this crowd seems a little more adventurous. Long story short I had a project that due to budget constraints needed a home-grown, dual-node(for redundancy) FC storage "SAN". Performance didn't have to be stellar...