1. Sleyk

    Western Digital "Easy Recycle" Program Good or Bad?

    Just got this email form Western Digital this morning about their new Drive Recycling Program. What do you guys think? Is this a good or bad thing? I have a shit-ton of old, used, dead and living drives I could recycle. Is it worth it to send in one drive at a time and snag 5 bucks? :.)...
  2. A

    NetApp PX02SMF080 Toshiba 800GB 12Gbps

    What do you know about NetApp drives? Are they formatted with some custom formats? Will they be useable in my SuperMicro chassis? NetApp PX02SMF080 Toshiba 800GB 12Gbps 2.5'' eMLC SAS ENT SSD | eBay
  3. T

    FS: (2019 Update) WD/HGST Factory Recertified Enterprise Drives, Seagate and Toshiba Drives

    Previous post: HERE So last year we had the opportunity to open our over stock of HGST Enterprise and WD drives for sale. I posted here and the reaction was great even though we had some small learning curves and growing pains. We've noticed a lot of our customers are in the server or...
  4. T

    FS: Enterprise HGST and Toshiba HDDs/SSDs

    Hi all, I cleared this with the admin. Below is the intro and sale information. Our business, Tekram USA has been in the data storage/controller/RAID industry for over 20 years. Our main products are controller cards and Thunderbolt 3/Type C RAID enclosures. We've built a good reputation with a...
  5. Patrick

    256GB Toshiba NVMe SSD m.2

    I have a few ZFS setups with these drives and thought someone here may be interested since this is very inexpensive for this capacity. 3 days left at $70 or a BIN of $90 + 13 shipping Toshiba THNSN5256GPUK 256GB M.2 SSD NVMe | eBay Looks decent.
  6. Patrick

    FreeNAS Guide Build

    I am setting up a FreeNAS system that I want to use in a few guides. The goal is something storage oriented with low power/ costs being prioritized. Motherboard: Supermicro X10SDV-2C-TP4F CPU: Intel Pentium D1508 Case: Supermicro SC113 (8x 2.5" bay 1U) RAM: 32GB DDR4 RDIMMs (4x 8GB) Controller...