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    Tiny Mini Micro - 3D Printing a bracket for a Lenovo m720q for AOC-SGP-i2

    I received my Supermicro AOC-SGP-i2 today and started printing its bracket. I'll post some pictures in this thread once it's complete, along with a link to the thingiverse thing.
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    m70q G3 Vs P350

    Hi all, I would very muc appreciate some advice. I'm looking to replace an electricity-guzzling R730xd with something more efficient. Primary duty will be VM hosting (Home assistant, Adguard, etc. Perhaps 1x Windows VM for PowerBI/DAX/Powerapps learning and basic dev). Domestic setting...
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    What CPU for LOW power ceph cluster

    Hey guys! I want to build a low power ceph cluster! Rejected Xeon "X79" LGA2011 etc I've considered getting some old Xeon LGA2011 or whatever servers from AliExpress which would make cost low, ECC RAM abundant and IO aplenty. But they'll probably idle at at least 60W each for just the...
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    Hello! Need some guidance!

    First and foremost, I want to thank you all for offering such guides and wealth of information, I lurked for some time and I decided to register and ask some questions here. For now, I have a decision to make, I wanted a second opinion, as @Patrick so excitedly presented the TinyMiniMicro...
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    Starter HomeServer Recommendation

    I want to created a Home Server/Home Lab most likely running some hypervisor to easily spin up VMs. What system would be recommended in the $300-$500 range that would be best. I'm looking to buy new and ideally prebuilt, but could build a PC if it made sense.
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    Lenovo Thinkcentre/ThinkStation Tiny (Project TinyMiniMicro) Reference Thread

    @mobilenvidia has done a great job with their thread on the whole Project TMM ecosystem; but I'm now a year and a half down the Lenovo Tiny rabbit hole so I thought I would gather some reference material specific to them together in one spot so that it can perhaps save others some time. I'll try...
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    August 2021: which models of TinyMiniMicro should I be looking out for deals?

    I am looking to complement my homelab with one or two TinyMiniMicro devices. Although the articles in STH are detailed some of them may be a year or two old, my question is - for August 2021 which models are the most recommended for a TinyMiniMicro setup? The lenovo P330 with its extra PCI-e...