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    Perc 6/i bricked after -cleanflash

    Hello, I have a Dell Perc 6/i that was working okay. I was trying to update the firmware via MegaRaid Storage Manager(MSM) but it gave me a error. So since i had flashed before a couple of PERC H310, i thought it would be the same. megarec -cleanflash 0 and it worked ok. megarec -m0flash 0...
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    Perc H310 locked SAS drives, and I don't want IT mode [Dell t7600]

    Just bought 4x14tb Seagate 12Gb SAS drives. 2/4 are easily detected for their correct size, the other two are blocked and only recognized as 1TB drives. And, ESXi doesn't even recognize the locked drives. Is flashing the card to IT mode the quickest way to address this? Will it even help see the...
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    H730 mini RAID 10 online expansion...anyone successfully done this?

    So I have a new R730xd with 15 x 1.6TB SSD's and a H730 mini PERC card and Im planning on running RAID10 for my array but before I committed I wanted to be sure that I am able to perform an expansion of the array without having to fully reset the entire configuration (and there-by requiring me...