1. G

    Performance Characterization of Linux Storage Schedulers in the NVMe Era

    Something to read over Eastern. Nothing tooo fancy but still interesting to read. Enjoy. Link Share
  2. Stephan

    How-to Guide Machine Check Exception (mce) workaround

    You bought a cheap off-roadmap Intel Xeon CPU from somewhere, but the hardware crashes and reboots, even when idle. You realize the CPU might have gotten thrown out from the hyperscaler's datacenter for a reason. That reason? Luckily, your CPU has extensive diagnostics and your Linux...
  3. M

    [Solved] M720q throttles only in Linux

    Hi, I bought an M720q with a Pentium Gold and upgraded it with a Core i7 8700 (65W). Everything runs smoothly under Windows the CPU briefly pulls up to 45W and then settles down to 35-37W, with temperatures averaging at 75°C / peaking at 80°C under full load. This is exactly what I expected...
  4. N

    Dell R720XD, NetApp DS4246 - Chia Farm - NEED HELP WITH NETWORK

    Hello STH, I'm hoping someone can help me figure out how to get this network setup. I am farming Chia with: I bought one of these, but I am not sure what controller cards I need to connect these servers using this, if I can: Mellanox IS5022 Infiniband 8 Port 40Gb/s QSFP Networking Switch I am...
  5. G

    Red Hat cutting back RHEL source availability

    I thought they forgot, but then this >> Src: Furthering the evolution of CentOS Stream
  6. A

    Backup storage question recommendation!

    I have a 36 drive chassis - Use case #1: store vm backup's use case #2: send backups to cloud (e.g. Wasabi etc) Looking for an o/s recommendation. - o/s or app must have a gui so I can manage the backup's ingested. - o/s or app must have...
  7. F

    4KN drive issues

    I am hoping someone could help me understand what's going on. I have two HGST HUS726060ALN610 6TB 4kn drives and I'm trying to create a btrfs raid1 (in Ubuntu 22.04). fdisk -l: Disk /dev/sdc: 5.46 TiB, 6001175126016 bytes, 1465130646 sectors Disk model: 726060ALN610 Units: sectors of 1 * 4096 =...
  8. P

    First time help

    Let's start by saying that if I'm in the wrong forum please let me know so I can ask this question in the right place. This is the first time building a home server and I would like it to be a file server, plex, and home assistant machine. Is there an OS that would best be suited for this...
  9. J

    Downgraded PCIE lane speed/width?

    Hi, So I have been looking at how much lanes each of my pcie cards were using and saw something I am not sure about. I have 3 cards in my server. 1 Quadro P400 , a LSI 9201-8i and a Realtek 2.5gb/s nic with 2 ports. My cpu is a Ryzen 5 2600 which has 20 pcie lanes. My worries is that when...
  10. I

    FC HBA Monitoring

    Hi All, how to i monitor Bandwidth and IOPS on a port from FC HBA on linux? do exist tools for it? Thanks
  11. I

    how to find WWN in FC Fabric

    Hi All, I have many server with FC HBAs that connect to SAN Switch, I have a Linux server, do exist solution for find and show WWNs of other servers in fabric in my server? Thanks for your Helps,
  12. O

    Linux gets fatal PCIe error with HBA card

    I've been troubleshooting a fatal PCIe error on Linux that occurs when booting with an HBA card installed. I have gone through a lot of debugging steps; there's too much to dump here, so here's the cliff notes: - My goal is to run Proxmox. I've ran it on this system before, just without the HBA...
  13. I

    Help for SuperStorage 2028R-DE2CR24L?

    Hi All, In SuperStorage 2028R-DE2CR24L manual : " The system features eight lanes of PCI-E 3.0 connecting the left server module with the right server module. This connection is used for high speed data transfers between nodes for High Availability server fail-over. " can you help me for how to...
  14. S

    'httm' is my take on a CLI ZFS Time Machine

    Don't call it a h-- t-- time machine httm prints the size, date and corresponding locations of available unique versions (deduplicated by modify time and size) of files residing on ZFS snapshots, but can also be used to the interactively view and restore such files. 'httm' might change the way...
  15. G

    Mellanox 10G Dual-Port card does not do any routing with IPoIB?

    Hey folks, I have 3 servers equipped with the Connect-X2 MT26418, all running Proxmox (debian11). The cards are all 2 Port ones, and I got 2 cables running between them like this: +---------------------------+ | serv1 | +---------------------------+ | Port 2 |...
  16. C

    How to use the mlx5_core driver with Mellanox ConnectX-4 Lx in Debian?

    I just got these ConnectX-4 Lx in the mail, but not getting very far. I've been treating this like the ixgbe driver: I see Kernel driver in use: mlx5_core and am trying to create virtual functions in /etc/modprobe.d/mlx5_core.conf with some options like options mlx5_core num_vfs=12...
  17. K

    VMWare ESXI - Ubuntu Server 20.04.03 with RTX3070 - GPU Passthrough broken

    I have an EPYC/Supermicro server build with the below specs running ESXi 7.0 U2 and have been using GPU pass through to provide a 3070 to my Ubuntu Server VM. This has worked flawlessly for about 6 months until a few days ago when the GPU spontaneously is no longer recognized by the Nvidia...
  18. AveryFreeman

    Ideas for using LVM+BTRFS clone and keeping up to date?

    So this is fun, I just woke up to a clone job of my laptop being finished, it was kind of an experiment. It runs OpenSUSE, so it's got a BTRFS root and snapshots triggered by package manager. I wanted to back it up so I could have a copy of the machine to run elsewhere, here's how I did it...
  19. D

    Advice for building a home server/workstation

    Hello, I'm a complete newbie when it comes to building servers so please be patient :) Recently I decided to build a server which would be used for storage, but also as a workstation where I would have multiple virtual machines for testing/gaming/audio production. After some research it seems...
  20. AveryFreeman

    Questions about OCFS2: How to span local partitions, journaling, lvm2-lock, clvm, etc.

    Hey, curious about how to get distributed volumes to span several devices. Unfortunately haven't seen much literature about this. I'm actually using Ubuntu instead of Oracle Linux, but the setup procedure appears virtually identical. Here's what I'm following, which seems to be the best...