1. D

    R420 - IDRAC not responding upon reboot

    I shut down all services for a service interruption and moved all of my enclaves to another location. Upon bringing everything back up one of my R420 servers would not respond. There was nothing available on the LCD panel on the front. We hooked up a monitor to the server to troubleshoot and...
  2. Z

    Dell R720 iDrac : Express vs Enterprise

    Hi, I hope this is the right place to post this thread about iDrac questions I have. I'm planning on buying a Dell R720 which is listed as having iDrac. Just that, it only lists as having iDrac. I will make some questions to the seller to understand which version we are talking about, but in...
  3. M

    Server Noob attempting first TrueNas-ProxMox-AutoRipping Machine Server Builds

    Hello, I need some help on a project that I am working on. I apologize for the length, but I wanted to be thorough. Background: I am a CCNA guy, server noob, who works in IT and through my job, I was able to acquire a lot of free decommissioned equipment from various data centers and server...
  4. H

    Dell SC7020 Storage Chassis

    Hi all, I've recently taken possession of a Dell SC7020 storage unit (Compellent) after a business went belly up, but am having great difficulty in getting the unit online / functional. Specifically, I am unable to access the Web GUI of SCOS and cannot discover the unit via the Dell Storage...
  5. J

    R720 - iDRAC cannot initialize (MB replaced)

    Hi, Few weeks ago, I tried to update my system via WM Ware OMSA. After 3 hours of ... nothing happening anymore, I restarted server. Since this time, the server display on boot "Alert! iDRAC not responding." and reboot. At second reboot, I'm still having the error but the server boot. (FAN are...
  6. B

    Idrac 9 and openldap

    Hi, Trying to configure ldap authentication on idrac 9 Certificate Validation disabled Generic LDAP enabled Use Distinguished Name to Search Group Membership Yes LDAP Server Address Bind DN cn=ldap_client,ou=Users,dc=domain,dc=com Bind Password enabled Update Bind Password...
  7. adminmat

    Questions on updating iDRAC firmware safely (R720)

    Good evening all. I picked up an R720 last month with an iDRAC7 active Enterprise license and would like to update the iDRAC firmware. The current firmware version is: 1.57.57 (Build 04), last updated Oct 2 09:17:51 2014 I see the latest version is: iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller v.
  8. Geran

    SOLD: Dell R210ii

    Hi all, I bought this server a while ago but recently I decided to go a different direction with the hardware I want to use. I'm open to offers that are reasonable, so feel free to message me. Also I will prioritize local pickup over shipping. Located in the DC metro area.
  9. T

    iDRAC 7 Enterprise

    Not sure if this is the right location for this question, but here goes... I've got a T420, and I'm looking for an iDRAC 7 Enterprise license and module. Ebay is giving me listings between ~$30 and $200, some for just the module, some for just the license, some for both. Many of them coming...
  10. H8ROADS

    Dell R715 iDRAC6 flash repair

    I have 3 Dell R715s and have been going through hell getting them updated the last couple days. Turns out the Lifecycle Controller was too old to go through auto updates, so I had to find an old CentOS OM disk to get them updated to the point it will work through Lifecycle Controller. Everything...