1. B

    Idrac 9 and openldap

    Hi, Trying to configure ldap authentication on idrac 9 Certificate Validation disabled Generic LDAP enabled Use Distinguished Name to Search Group Membership Yes LDAP Server Address Bind DN cn=ldap_client,ou=Users,dc=domain,dc=com Bind Password enabled Update Bind Password...
  2. A

    Questions on updating iDRAC firmware safely (R720)

    Good evening all. I picked up an R720 last month with an iDRAC7 active Enterprise license and would like to update the iDRAC firmware. The current firmware version is: 1.57.57 (Build 04), last updated Oct 2 09:17:51 2014 I see the latest version is: iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller v.
  3. Geran

    SOLD: Dell R210ii

    Hi all, I bought this server a while ago but recently I decided to go a different direction with the hardware I want to use. I'm open to offers that are reasonable, so feel free to message me. Also I will prioritize local pickup over shipping. Located in the DC metro area.
  4. T

    iDRAC 7 Enterprise

    Not sure if this is the right location for this question, but here goes... I've got a T420, and I'm looking for an iDRAC 7 Enterprise license and module. Ebay is giving me listings between ~$30 and $200, some for just the module, some for just the license, some for both. Many of them coming...
  5. H8ROADS

    Dell R715 iDRAC6 flash repair

    I have 3 Dell R715s and have been going through hell getting them updated the last couple days. Turns out the Lifecycle Controller was too old to go through auto updates, so I had to find an old CentOS OM disk to get them updated to the point it will work through Lifecycle Controller. Everything...