Idrac 9 and openldap


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Nov 25, 2019

Trying to configure ldap authentication on idrac 9

Certificate Validation disabled

Generic LDAP enabled

Use Distinguished Name to Search Group Membership Yes

LDAP Server Address

Bind DN cn=ldap_client,ou=Users,dc=domain,dc=com

Bind Password enabled

Update Bind Password password for ldap_client

Base DN to Search dc=domain,dc=com

Attribute of User Login uid

Base DN to Search dc=domain,dc=com

Group DN cn=test-servers,ou=Groups,dc=domain,dc=com

But An error appears during testing

The user is not a member of any role group that allows access to iDRAC.

Server Openldap

test-servers -the group that the test_ipmi user belongs to

Any ideas ?