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  1. A

    Starter HomeServer Recommendation

    I want to created a Home Server/Home Lab most likely running some hypervisor to easily spin up VMs. What system would be recommended in the $300-$500 range that would be best. I'm looking to buy new and ideally prebuilt, but could build a PC if it made sense.
  2. C

    Recommended platform for a home server

    Hey, Not sure if this is the correct forum, but the CPU and MOBO are a big part of the question... I'm looking to buy a home server to installed with proxmox to cover the following needs: pfsense unifi NAS plex home assistant And have two leading candidates, both with pros and cons: HPE...
  3. G

    Working home lab build

    Hi everyone, I am new posting here! I would like to build a home lab to run K8s and other working environments by spinning several VMs. I am looking to build around 2 x INTEL XEON E5-2670 CPU PROCESSOR 8 CORE 2.60GHZ 20MB L3 CACHE 115W SR0KX. Cooling the above with 2x Supermicro SMH...
  4. T

    Networking Services don’t auto-start on boot up - Dell R720 w/ proxmox (Warning: Beginner User)

    I’m working on a home server project using a Dell R720 to serve as a NAS, PLEX server, and torrent grabber. This is my first server ever and my first experience in networking, server hardware, and Linux. Because of this, I do not know how to carry out the three functions listed out above so I’m...
  5. T

    Buying advice - Home Lab - Dell R630

    Hello Looking to build a new home lab. I have a basement area however still looking for a quiet set up since I could move in the future. So noise should be kept low however more importantly I will be keeping things on 24x7 and would like low power consumption. Budget is on the low to medium...
  6. W

    What's your home lab environment for?

    I had a bit of a write-up earlier in the evening - I was thinking about what a home server environment is typically used for. For me, it's for doing stuff that you would otherwise not do at $DAYJOB - maybe pull apart Kerberos to figure out how it works, write some godawful shell scripts that...
  7. MikeWebb

    Faster then 10Gb home, home office and lab recommendations (IB, VPI etc?)

    Hi there all, I've just finished setting up a nice AIO proxmox server and between it and my workstation (direct connection), it saturates 10Gb or gives a faster then local SSD speed depending on work load (NFS maxes out at 4GB/s but thats a different thread)......and now I want more. Well not...
  8. Harry P. Nyce

    Update custom (Cisco) ESXi 6.5 image [Exception]

    Please help a neophyte attempting to learn a thing or two about a thing or two, by enabling me to update my ESXi 6.5 custom Cisco image with the latest two (2) patches. Current custom Cisco version: ESXi 6.5.0d (2017-04-18) 5310538 Need these two updates: ESXi 6.5 U1 Express Patch 4...
  9. T

    Home Lab moving to 10GbE

    Hi All, Hopefully the attached image gives a good idea of the setup I have in mind (blue cable is 1GbE). I have yet to buy the items in red and I'm looking for recommendations. What I have found so far is: 2xSFP+ switch = D-Link DGS-1510-20 ~= £180 SFP+ NIC = StarTech PEX10000SFP ~= £175 FO...
  10. E

    After some advice on first FreeNAS build to replace current setup

    Hi All, I currently have a DIY, do-it-all, server built at home that acts as a domain controller, Hyper-V host and storage server (an absolute mess of roles, hence the need to sort out proper replacements now I have some money burning a hole in my pocket). This machine is housed in a 24 bay...
  11. T

    Affordable little Xeon workstation

    Hello I currently have an Asus P8C-WS with an Ivy Bridge E3-1245 v2 Xeon. It is currently serving as a hackintosh. No sleep, no hibernate, must be forced to power off. But otherwise quite nice. It has 24 GB ECC RAM, but OS X has no MCE support for the chipset. Has seen very little use since...
  12. Hjalti Atlason

    Vmware ESXI whitebox build

    Hey guys I was wondering , i´m planning on building a home lab server (Vmware ESXI ATX machine) using Asrock x99 Extreme motherboard. If i buy a used Intel Xeon E5 2670 V3 from ebay will everything work Ok when i connect from the vsphere client (since the Xeon E5 2670 v3 Processor doesnt have...
  13. N

    Hardware for virtual home lab

    Hello guys, I am new to VM and especially server hardware. I am planning to build a home lab server (ESXi) that is quiet and small because I am going to have this in my room. I am going to be using this for Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto labs, and some Linux and Windows VMs to function as servers...