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  1. T

    EU [sold] [FS] Ruckus R710 WiFi PoE Access Point - Unleashed

    Model: Ruckus 901-R710-WW00 Indoor 802.11ac Wave 2 4x4:4 Wi-Fi Access Point Full functional. The device was running till shortly together with other devices in my Unleashed set-up. Selling as used without further accessories, as shown on pictures Device is supported by actual Unleashed...
  2. C

    FS: 2x R710s, 1 R520, 304GB of DDR3 ECC 2Rx4 PC3L-10600, Random assortment of SAS/SATA drives

    New to the forums, been trying to get rid of 3 servers that aren't getting used anymore. I'm located in Arizona, zipcode 85053. Not willing to ship because of the astronomical cost to ship, and would rather deal locally in the Phoenix area. I can travel to Tucson or up to Flagstaff as necessary...
  3. T

    Canada [FS] Brocade ICX7450-48P, 4x10GbE copper + 2x40GbE QSFP+ modules

    Up for sale in Greater Toronto Area is a Brocade ICX7450-48P switch fully optioned with - 1 x ICX7400-1X40GQ QSFP+ Switch Module - 1 x ICX7400-1X40GQ QSFP+ Switch Module - 1 x ICX7400-4X10GC 4 x 10GbE RJ45 - 2 x 1000w AC power supplies - 2 x Fan modules Console cable is missing but I DIY-ed one...
  4. K

    EU [GER] FS: 2x 6.4TB NVMe PCIe 3.0 x8 SSD Intel Solidigm DC P4618 SSD • 54x 16GB DDR4 2Rx4 RDIMMs • 100x 8GB DDR3 ECC UDIMMs • 28x 8GB DDR3 UDIMMs

    Will ship worldwide, but only accept Paypal from German buyers with a proven track record such as a spotless ebay seller feedback profile. Local pickup preferred, testing items before buying highly encouraged, will provide necessary setups. Most items are listed on ebay as well, but cannot be...
  5. B

    [FS] Supermicro E300-9D + Rack Kit

    Hi all, I have a Supermicro E300-4CN8TF that needs a new home. It's been rocking ESXi 6.7 (But is capable of 7.0) and doing stellar service for the last few months. But I don't need two of these. So give it a new home - Run PFSense, OPNSense, VMs, Dockers etc. It's got SFP+ / 10Gbe / 4xGbE -...
  6. bryan_v

    [SOLD][CAN/US]3x APU4D2 pfsense router appliances

    UPDATE: ALL SOLD Selling my fully assembled 3x APU4D2 pfsense/router appliances from PCEngines, originally supposed to be part of an office deployment that never happened. Top line specs are: 1 GHz quad core AMD GX-412TC CPU 4x Gigabit Ethernet i211AT LAN 2 GB DDR3-1333 DRAM 16GB mSATA SSD...
  7. M

    FS [UK]: Gigabyte MZ72-HBO + AMD EPYC 7402 - £4000 ono

    Hi all, I recently purchased a tower (Nov 2021) with the following specs: - Gigabyte MZ72-HBO mobo - AMD EPYC 7402 - 64GB RAM - FSP 1+1 redundant ATX - generic tower case I've since realised a great deal about technology that I wish I hadn't and as such, after more than ten years of...
  8. B

    EU [for sale]: Three RTX 2060 Super (8Gb), blower type.

    EDIT: The cards have been sold. I sell three RTX 2060 Super (8Gb), blower type. See: MANLI GeForce RTX 2060 Super (M1424+N522-01) With original box, slot cover, antistatic bag. Used for deep learning inside a HEPA-filtered case (e.g. no dust). Perfect condition, both aesthetical and...
  9. R

    EU SOLD Repaired Supermicro H11DSi (NT) Rev2

    Sold are two Supermicro Epyc SP3 Motherboards. A H11DSi and one H11DSi-NT. Both are revision 2 and have been repaired by me. The DSi had multiple Pins bent in both sockets while the NT presumably had a transistor, labeled Q1, ripped away near the BMC, preventing POST. Specifically tested and...
  10. S

    Would this CPU / Mobo be of interest in the For Sale forum?

    Wasn't sure how "home-labby" this is and if its something that would be of interest? I'm doing a system upgrade and will end up with this config left over. CPU: Intel i7 4790k MB: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD7 TH RAM: 32GB DDR3
  11. B

    FS: Servers, Workstations, GPU's

    Have some Servers and Ex mining gear that I am not using anymore, I used this website to find some of it for cheap so I decided to give everyone here first pick. Let me know if you have any interest or would like some more information on whats available. I live in Defiance, Ohio and for now...
  12. N

    FS: 2 Intel RAID Modules RMSP3AD160F

    2 Intel RAID Modules RMSP3AD160F I'm selling two of these RAID modules. I never got around to getting a system to put them in so want to sell since I have a different setup now. I bought these off a friend who was piecing out various systems Here are the specs on the card. Link Note that this...
  13. N

    [FS] Supermicro SYS-5028D-TN4T

    I'm selling my Supermicro SYS-5028D-TN4T. It works perfectly, comes with all drive caddys and has the remote BIOS update key. No RAM or drives included. Asking $900 OBO + $50 shipping to lower 48. Paypal only
  14. 5

    SOLD: Various DDR3 ECC Modules (8GB and 16GB)

    No longer for sale - someone reached out and purchased the whole lot. Thanks all! Hi all, I have various PC3L DDR3 ECC DIMM modules for sale: (50) 16GB 2Rx4 PC3L-12800R - most are Samsung/Cisco, several SK Hynix all same spec/server pulls $17/ea (8) 8GB 2Rx8 P3L-12800R - All Samsung --...
  15. M

    [US]8GB/4GB-PC3 8500/10600R

    Selling inventory as follows: [$12/ea] 72x8GB PC3-10600R [$8/ea] 60x4GB PC3-10600R [$10/ea] 44x8GB PC3-8500R [$12/ea] 48x8GB PC3-10600R (no heatsink) *price flexible in bulk USPS flat rate shipping from MD
  16. R

    EU AsRack EPC612D8A LGA 2011-3 C612 Motherboard 120€

    The motherboard for sale is repaired, some pins were bent and some ramslots didn't work. Since bending them back, all slots work. Used it as my Workstation for a while, with half a year on duty as my testbench after that. This is how it is currently put together and how it served me well...
  17. R

    AU Sold: Intel Optane 905P 480GB U.2

    For sale - 1x Intel Optane 905P 480GB 2.5" U.2 drive. p/n SSDPE21D480GAM3 will update pics as soon as I can find my IMGUR login details. $480 USD with free shipping. Selling as I've managed to upgrade capacity in preparation for my server commissioning. *this is a brand-new-in-box unopened...
  18. C

    [FS-NYC] 960GB Intel DC S4610 SSD *brand new*

    I was recently did an RMA / warranty exchange for an Intel s3610 and was sent back a 960GB Intel DC S4610 SSD. Drive is brand new. Box was opened to verify drive functionality and to update to the latest firmware. Estimated Warranty Expiration: January 24, 2024 PM me offers. Looking for $215...
  19. O

    FS: DELL R710, (2) E5649 2.53GHZ 24thrds, 96GB ECC RAM, 3.5IN, PERC H700, DUAL 870W PSU, RAPID RAILS

    (UPDATED) Dell R710 Specs 2U form factor (6) 3.5in drivebays with drive trays – 2/6 Bays with removable 2.5in Adapter 96GB DDR3 1333 ECC Registered RAM - PC3-10600R (2) Matched Intel Xeon E5649 2.53ghz 6 Core Processors Dell Rapid Rails with adjustable Rack Depth PERC H700 512MB Cache...
  20. M

    Dell C6100 4 node 24 bay

    I am not expecting to get this to disappear from my basement but I am looking for a good home for my old C6100. She is still fully functional but I have down sized and consolidated my systems over the months and now have no use for this server. I will baseline the servers prior to sale. 24 hard...