1. A

    Ruckus R750 ZoneFlex Access Point 901-R750-WW00 $449.99

  2. G

    August 2021: which models of TinyMiniMicro should I be looking out for deals?

    I am looking to complement my homelab with one or two TinyMiniMicro devices. Although the articles in STH are detailed some of them may be a year or two old, my question is - for August 2021 which models are the most recommended for a TinyMiniMicro setup? The lenovo P330 with its extra PCI-e...
  3. AveryFreeman

    Grease in peripheral slots?! Who would do such a thing??!!! Board hosed?!?

    Dude, So I bought this server by some people that admittedly said they knew nothing about it. It was advertised as a motherboard, but they said it came with everything. So I ordered it, curious about what I might find. When I get it, I open it up and look at one of the slots and I notice this...
  4. T

    eBay advice: Selling a Dell R930 4x E7-4850 v3 + 4x 1100w [no RAM no HDDs]

    Been trying to sell a Dell PowerEdge R930 with QUAD (4) 14-core E7-4850 v3 & 4x 1100w (no RAM or HDDs) I've seen other units without CPUs sell for the same as mine's listed for in the last few months. Anyone see anything about my ad that's deterring people..? FWIW, I have 100% positive...
  5. J

    HGST SAS3 Drives with 20k Hours

    Howdy, I got these four drives off of ebay, sold as "new", at a good price, $139, for this seller: deals2day-364. Now, I didn't expect them to be new, but I didn't expect the drives to have 20k power-on hours either. The fact that they are sold as "new" when they have even more hours than the...
  6. K

    Cheap 40gbe Network Cards - Ebay USA

    Does anyone see any "gotchas" with the card below? Looks to be TCP/IP network interface cards, I was thinking these may be a good upgrade from my current 10gb direct connect networking. What do you all think...
  7. BeTeP

    lot of 16 Sandy Bridge EP Xeons for $200 shipped

    I was looking for some cheap processors to replace (already sold separately) E5-2697v2 in a couple of LGA2011 systems I am currently selling when I found this lot (Lot of 16) Intel XEON E5-2660 2643 2640 CPUs SR0KK SR0KR SR0L7 | eBay. I would have bought it myself but I do not need 16...
  8. J

    Ruckus R700 BO $90 accepted

    Edit: seems I messed up. Looks like R700 does not support unleashed firmware... This looks like a good deal. Just got one accepted at $90. Shipping to Norway was cheap too. Ruckus ZoneFlex R700 Dual Band Indoor Wireless Access Point 901-R700-US00 15568556494 | eBay -jannis
  9. C

    $499 Raritan PX3-5930V 30A 208V Outlet metered/switched 0 U PDU

    hi guys... figure I post a deal here instead of just hoarding it for myself ;) picked up 2 already with best offer of $300 each x2. They have 1 left Raritan Rack PDU PX3-5903V Monitored Switched 0U PDU 5kVA 208V 24A L6-30P Input 706199396824 | eBay Probably one of the best PDU's $ can buy...
  10. BeTeP

    Solarflare SFN8522 $20 shipped

    @Markess brought my attention to this ebay seller who had a few "Solarflare SF-109042" cards listed at $25 shipped. By the time I saw that auction - it had been sold out. But then I checked the seller's other auctions and I found this Solarflare SF-109041 lot and I ordered 1 card to check it...
  11. S

    Power efficient Processor for nas build .

    Hi , i am a student i am planning to build a freenas for my home data backup and plex purpose . Can anyone suggest me any power efficient processor for this build . suggest anything except atom c servers processors . Please suggest some processor which supports ECC memory . And not a Atom...
  12. T

    Intel Optane SSD 900P 280GB AIC $235 + YMMV 13% bucks

    NewEgg via eBay has a 15% discount on several items, including this Intel Optane 900P AIC. Regularly listed at $276.46, it drops to $234.99 when added to a cart. @gea has a great post on how Optane SSDs as Slogs improve write performance on Solaris/OmniOS ZFS. Intel Optane SSD 900P Series -...
  13. 4004

    ebay 15% off cart, expires 7pm PT 12 March

    Mobile Only app only :( How to redeem your Coupon: Coupon is only valid when you buy within the latest version of the eBay Mobile App on iOS or Android. Shop for eligible items. (See below for exclusions). Enter the Coupon code in the redemption code field: PSAVETODAY...
  14. V

    Help to identify Inventec board and supported HW

    I have purchased board on ebay - System Board Dual LGA 2011-3 Socket Motherboard T2652401 | eBay I know it is Inventec, some sort of B800xxx or B880xxx, but ... no any info on internet. Seller also do not know. It does not have any vendor specific labels, only MACs and model number I have...
  15. J

    Recommended (cheap) 1TB m.2 2280 nvme

    I’m looking for the best deal/value nvme m.2 ssd at around 1TB. Anyone have any good recommendations? Considering the Corsair MP510, but have hopes to find something cheaper on ebay etc. preferably more enterprise than prosumer. Usage will be laptop with my entire config manager lab. (4-8 vm’s) -j
  16. J

    E5-2665 - ebay - clock speed inconsistent

    I picked up a X9DRI-F with dual xeon E5-2665. Received the items, cpu are C2 stepping. In the bios i notice a min speed of 1200mhz max of 2400mhz. running with 1333 ram, I did bench testing with prim 95 - 32 threads and my coolers SNK-P0050AP4 keep the cpus under 75 deg, all cores turbo up to...
  17. O

    SOLD eBay: HGST 10Tb SAS3 512e He10 (HUH721010AL5200)($174.99+5.7 shipping, 4 available, new(other))

    HGST 0F27397 Internal Hard Drive 10TB 3.5" SAS 12GB/s 7200RPM | eBay
  18. J

    Dell C6220 II Chassis $325 + s/h

    Listing I purchased one of these, they're listed as gen 1 but when I got it the refurbished service tag showed gen 2. I believe the box itself is gen 1 refurbished by Dell with gen 2 internals. The machine is spotless..looked like it had never seen the inside of a rack. Mine had a few scuffs...
  19. hmartin

    EU eBay.de PREISKNALLER 10% off until 31.01.2018

    It would appear that eBay.de has extended their PREISKNALLER 10% off special from December. You can use the coupon code PREISKNALLER for items in your cart to take up to 10% off the item price (up to a total discount of 50€, according to the AGB). The code is limited to 10 uses and apparently...
  20. S

    eBay 10% Off Tech PSHOPTECH10

    10% Coupon on Tech Finds | eBay PSHOPTECH10 Expires 5am November 9th