1. I

    EXPIRED Mikrotek Router CCR2216-1G-12ZS-2XQ - $2042 (Open Box)

    Mikrotek Router CCR2216-1G-12ZS-2XQ *Open Box* *16GB RAM* *2 QSFP28* *ARM 64bit* | eBay Great Deal on a fantastic router. Bids only have it at $1600 right now, looks like it goes for 2500 -2700 new. Edit: I swear this had a buy now price last time I looked at it. Came back to check it and...
  2. O

    Dell Poweredge R620's - 16/20 Cores - 64/128gb RAM - $200

    I am just really starting my HomeLab and wanted to get something that actually supports virtualization (all of the old HP DL3xx G4's that I have are too old to support virtualization) so I went exploring and I found some good deals. I bought one of these myself and wanted to share: I opted for...
  3. W

    EVOO Gaming Laptop 15" FHD 144Hz Display, 9th Gen i7-9750H, Nvidia GTX 1650, 256GB SSD, 16GB This is a limited time deal current price 699.00 EVOO Gaming Laptop 15" FHD 144Hz Display, THX Spatial Audio...
  4. C

    [Newegg] Refurb HGST 7K4000 Ultrastar 3TB $41

    Thought this was worth mentioning as they're explicitly refurbished (not claimed new), backed by a written 90 day warranty, no question returns and exchanges until 31 Jan 2018, and the price is quite a bit better than a certain ebay seller as well. Refurbished: HGST Ultrastar 7K4000...
  5. G

    Another Connectx-3 (IBM branded) Deal - $87.70

    Only have a second but wanted to share this: $87.70 shipped Lenovo 00W0053 MLNX ConnectX-3 EN 2PT SFP+ 10GbE Adapter Server ZZ | eBay Brand new- box was opened, but card was still sticker-sealed, and no evidence of wear on the connectors. Just ordered a second one before posting. First one...
  6. fossxplorer

    HGST Virident FlashMAX 2 550GB $145 or BO

    Looks pretty good, although no personal experience with any PCIe based SSDs. Seems to have pretty good read IOPS though. HGST Virident FlashMAX 2 550GB SSD Flash PCIe Enterprise Drive - App Accelerator Update: the spec for this seems much better than the Toshiba HK3E2 Series i i bought recently.
  7. RandyC

    Intel NUC NUC5i5RYH, 16GB RAM, and SanDisk Z400s 256GB SSD. - $377

    If anyone is looking for a NUC this is a really good deal. Use promo code EMCKKNR49 for the extra savings. I am not sure if I should jump on this or wait it out for the new Skylake NUCs. This would make a great low...