1. I

    FS: Updated: 1x Dell Poweredge MD1200 DAS's w/ PERC H800 1GB HBA's, 2TB Drives, w/ spare parts and cables

    Would like to sell my 2x 1x Dell Poweredge MD1200 DAS's w/ PERC H800 1GB HBA, 2TB Drives, with spare parts, and cables. Both units I purchased used and have been using them for two years in a smoke free home. The units and their drives ran in my house (air and humidity controlled space) during...
  2. O

    LSI SAS9200-16E -- Slow Performance Using 8+ Drives

    Overview: My LSI card in IT mode tends to slow when more than 8 drives are being utilized. Is this normal behavior? Hardware: LSI SAS9200-16E https://www.ebay.com/itm/LSI-SAS9200-16E-16-PORTS-6GB-S-SAS-PCI-E-CONTROLLER/113983567356?ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT&_trksid=p2060353.m2763.l2649 FW...
  3. K

    IBM DAS with 12x1tb HDD.

    Hi folks. My first post here. IBM EXP3000 SAN Storage Enclosure w/12x 1Tb HD, 2x ESM, 2x PSU - 1727-HC1 REFURB | eBay Nice price for lab DAS. Heavy, Solid, IBM. Really heavy, I have one with 12x 750gb SATA drives. Found on local e-recycling centre.
  4. I

    PSUs for DAS

    Hi everyone, I am building a very simple DAS server and most things are already ordered. I am going to use 2 basic HDD cages, a simple 2 Ports SSF-8087 to SFF-8088 adapter and put all these on a DIY frame. Last ingredient missing is a PSU and I was wondering if there are any PSUs that are...
  5. P

    JBOD Enclosure Questions

    I want to build out a growable NAS using ZFS. I'm a bit confused about the chassis options when looking for chassis with a large number of drive bays. I have seen, on this forum and others, discussion about the supermicro chassis. However, when looking on ebay, I see that these often, but not...
  6. Vidmo

    Supermicro X11SAT-F Thunderbolt 3 support

    Does anyone else here have the Supermicro X11SAT-F? If so would you please respond and lets discuss what we need to do to get Supermicro off their butts and get this board certified for TB3. I've asked Supermicro multiple time over the past year when the certification will be completed, but they...
  7. T

    24TB Lenovo SA120 DAS, 9286CV-8e - $849

    I bought this bundle a few months back for $900. Its $849 now. Units are new with warranty. Includes 12 x 2TB drives, LSI controller (Lenovo branded) rails, cable. only 1 PS and 1 controller unit. no 2.5" unit in rear. I bought additional accessories elsewhere. I have 2 SA120 and happy to...
  8. I

    DAS/JBOD Recommendation needed for C6220 v1

    New member here that is trying to build a home lab that runs Hyper-V using Dell C6220 and looking for some recommendation for how to configure my storage. Here is my plan: Storage Spaces Direct with Scale Out File Server (SMB3) + Hyper-V cluster on the same nodes (Hyperconverged config) The...