1. T

    IBM H1110 SAS Flashing Question

    Hi, I wanted to know how can I tell the firmware version of my IBM H1110, ( IBM 81Y4494 H1110 SAS-2 6Gbps HBA LSI 9211-4i P20 IT Mode ) I believe it is in IT mode per the seller on ebay and I wanted to make sure it is flashed correctly. I am very new to the SAS controller world but...
  2. fohdeesha

    Flashing Delta 7024 to Dell 8024

    Finally found someone willing to test the method I came up with, and it works great (nearly the same process as the LB6M flash, with some differences due to a larger bootloader from dell etc) Unlike the LB6M > Brocade flash where there were some slight hardware differences that caused things...