Flashing Delta 7024 to Dell 8024

Discussion in 'Networking' started by fohdeesha, May 17, 2018.

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    Finally found someone willing to test the method I came up with, and it works great (nearly the same process as the LB6M flash, with some differences due to a larger bootloader from dell etc)

    Unlike the LB6M > Brocade flash where there were some slight hardware differences that caused things like the SFP+ lights to stop working, the Dell and Delta are absolutely identical. This means there's no changed behavior, all the lights work, etc.

    Unlike brocade, Dell does not ship the bootloader in a separate file, so the most difficult part was hunting it down in the 30MB stk image and ensuring the trimmed bootloader code had the correct geometry

    The guide is available here: (7024) Delta To Dell - Brokeaids

    For people who previously bought already-converted Delta 7024's off ebay (eg they came preloaded with dell firmware) - I personally confirmed you can run the cpld update command to flash the CPLD with the proper dell code. This will fix temp/fan status reporting, and should theoretically allow the fans to spin down a little quieter. Just update to the latest dell firmware, then update the bootcode from the boot menu. then when it's all booted and updated, just run "dev cpldUpdate" at the enable level. Check the CPLD section in the guide for the output you should expect. You'll need to unplug the switch fully for a few seconds and repower it to reset the cpld and get it running the newly flashed code
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    #wow, very impressive and nice documentation.
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