1. I

    Help deciding on motherboard for deployment server build

    Hello everyone! Looking for recommendations for a motherboard, specifically a C246 chipset motherboard. I already have the CPU and must use this chipset. I’m also limited to ITX as I have a Chenbro 301 for a case. Here are the use cases for my upcoming build: AsRock Rack C246 WSI Mini-ITX...
  2. J

    [FS] Chenbro NR40700 48-Bay NAS Chassis

    Do you need a lot of space to attach drives? Do you live in the Seattle area? Then this is for you! This chassis and motherboard combo would make an awesome home NAS with massive expansion capabilities, you know, for all those Linux ISOs and/or Chia ;) The Chenbro NR40700 includes the following...
  3. K

    Thoughts on building a silent home storage and virtualization hot swap tower server

    I'd like to build a more powerful home server with hot swap. (What I have now is a Xeon E3-1226 (4c/4t) and 8 GiB RAM in a first generation Fractal Design Define. The reason that I have a separate server box in the first place is that I thought storing all documents on a server and accessing...
  4. F

    Chenbro RM23712 PSU Issues

    Hey there - So I'm working on this issue for a week now... (I hope this is the matching Subforum) I bought a Chenbro RM23712 with a Redundand PSU Cage but no Modules in it half a year ago. A week later, I got a pair of Intel DPS-750XB's and tried it with a MSI Z87 Mpower-SP and a Core i5 4460...
  5. T

    Paying for someone to change the fans in my 1u PSUs

    I have a Chenbro NR40700. The one listed here: Instead of modifying the chassis, my idea is to swap out the PSU fans for a quieter model. Can anyone here do this for me? I...
  6. T

    Problem with Chenbro NR40700 (Red led from chassis and backplane)

    I recently purchased a brand new NR40700 from ebay, along with a used NR40700 with the motherboard and drive caddies included. I took the motherboard, HBA and drive caddies out of the used system and put them into the new chassis. The system boots, but the red "warning light" is solid on the...
  7. A

    EU WTB: Chenbro 84H210710-024 26" rail

    hi, i am looking to buy Chenbro 84H210710-024 26" rail, based in Stockholm. prices are gone up quite a lot during this year. last year i can easily buy these under 25 euro. but now they are above 50 euro. i found 1 seller at amazon but they don't ship to Sweden (even send them...
  8. E

    New Chenbro NR40700 chassis - Very slow transfer speeds

    Edit: Resolved. Mods please delete thread.
  9. S

    FS - Chenbro 4U EATX chassis + extras

    I'm in Northern Virginia and have a Craigslist ad going for this one. Thought I'd post it here in case there is anyone locally that might be interested. I have a Chenbro 4U server chassis that was used for a couple of project builds. The chassis will fit EATX motherboards (it previously had a...
  10. A

    CHENBRO RM41300 in 600x800 mm rack - rails compatability ?

    Hi, i have 32U 600x800 rack, and CHENBRO RM41300 case, now i want to buy the rail, the rails i found is 84H342310-001 Chenbro 20" Rackschienen Kit // Einbauschienen // 84H342310-001 | eBay but i can't find out if this rail will fit in my 600x800 rack, can any one have experience with this...
  11. P

    Controller for 12xHHD

    Hi all, I have a Chenbro RM23612 so I have to handle with 12xHDD. I'm completely new in this field, so I ask advices to you. I need a controller in IT mode, to handle the HDD by the OS (through mdadm). Which controller I need? I see a lot of person use a LSI 9211-8i.
  12. BigXor

    (SOLD) CHENBRO CK22803 6Gb/s 28-Port SAS/SATA-III RAID Expander Card

    CHENBRO CK22803 6Gb/s 28-Port SAS/SATA-III RAID Expander Card Excellent Condition $140.00 Serial Number: 151009424 PM me if interested. PayPal Only - Buyer and Seller are both protected with Paypal. Buyer must be a member in good standing with more than 10 posts.
  13. Patrick

    48 bay 4U storage server $599 obo

    Not quite a Backblaze but 1/10th the cost at $599 obo: Chenbro 48 Bay Top Loader 4U Chassis w/Rail Kit+Drive Brackets COMPLETE SYSTEM! It looks like the chassis even has 2x 2.5" hot swap bays in the rear of the chassis and spots for 2 more drives (maybe 2.5"?) internally. I would likely be...
  14. Patrick

    3U short depth enclosure with 8x 2.5" drive bays

    I am not sure why exactly, but I saw this one on ebay today: Chenbro RC31710 3U 10 Bays Deep=18.5" w / ZIPPY 500W -Fit 12"X13"MB- OEM Chassis I know we get people from time to time looking for short depth chassis. It comes with the Zippy PSU but I have no idea how hard it would be to change...
  15. F

    How to link two cases so that you need only one power button

    So I'm sure someone has done this and there has to be a few ways to do it... But my raid is near capacity I want to add a second case with a lot of drives in the second case I only want the following: -sas expander (chenbro) -pe-2sd1?? -power supply I want to run a SFF-8088 from case 1 (with...