1. J

    Long duration UPS without completely breaking the bank

    Hello, The short version - I'm looking for a UPS system that isn't going to be *too* expensive and will allow me to sustain ~600W or so of power from batteries without overheating no matter the runtime, as I plan to hook the UPS up to external deep cycle batteries. If I could find a good...
  2. ViciousXUSMC

    APC SUA2200RM2U Ultra Short Battery Life

    So I finally upgraded from a stand alone UPS to a nice rack mount one. I got a SUA2200RM2U off ebay without batteries. I had to put a lot of work into it, ordered the batteries, repaired the power cable, I also got the AP9631 Network Management Card. Today it all comes together and its...
  3. mattlach

    APC UPS Issues (High Float Voltage)

    Hi Everyone, There really isn't a subforum for UPS:es and other power solutions, so I decided to post here. I bought a couple of APC SMT1500RM2U units for my rack used on ebay last year. The seller put fresh batteries in them before selling them, and they have gone from 50 minutes of runtimes...
  4. I

    Noise level of SMT1500RM2U

    Hi guys, I consider purchasing a rackmount UPS (SMT1500RMJ2U - same as the model in the title but for the Japanese market, e.g. 100V). Does anybody know how loud the fans of these units are when they are NOT running on battery power? APC states a value of 46db(A) on their website which would...
  5. M

    Is the APC Smart-UPS 1000VA a good buy for a silent UPS?

    Hi, I just found a 2nd hand APC Smart-UPS 1000VA (SUA1000UXI) with brand new batteries, which I'm considering to use for my FreeNAS server. In the NUT compatibility list (Network UPS Tools - Hardware compatibility list) this UPS is labeled as the worst possible: But what does this mean? *...
  6. L

    APC AP7952 PDU Issues

    Hi guys, as the APC forums are more or less dead, I wanted to tap your collective knowledge. I have an APC AP 7952 PDU with 24 outlets, 21x C13 3x C19 connectors. After updating the AOS firmware on the PDU (to 3.9.2), the web interface and console now only report 8 outlets (those in the middle...
  7. Y

    AP8858NA3 - will it work on 230V?

    I found 6 of these for ~600USD on ebay, which is good price for me. Nevertheless there is huge problem with documentation I have. There are 2 versions, the main difference is in nominal output voltage - AP8858 - this ranges from 100V to 240V - AP8858NA3 - this is supposed to be 208V only...
  8. T

    APC AP7841 individual outlet on off from web interface

    Does anyone know if the ap7841 web interface has function to turn on and off individual outlet? I saw some for sale locally and would like to get them but unsure if that function is in there. I tried looking through the manual but it does not seem to specify such function. Thanks in advance!
  9. S

    FS: APC SRT8KRMXLT 8kva 208v

    I have for sale a pair of APC UPS's SRT8KRMXLT that were purchased for a datacenter project that was abandoned. They were taken out of box but they have never even been hooked up to mains power. Some light scratches from being moved out of box but no dents. I still have the front covers in...
  10. Z

    2000VA+ UPS for Small ESXI and Unraid Cluster

    Hello all, I have a small, but fairly dense virtualization and storage network that needs 24/7 uptime (some VMs I host are crucial to operation at a few local businesses), currently afforded by two consumer Cyber Power "1500VA 900W" units (CP1500PFCLCD). I can get maybe 10-15 minutes each out...
  11. Patrick

    Reference Material APC IPMI Default Login and Password

    When logging into a Schneider Electric/ APC management interface, one is prompted for a login (username) and password. On modern APC systems the default login/ password is: Login: apc Password: apc Tested with a few Smart UPS and managed PDUs thus far Here is what the web management...