1. J

    8x10G on a single NIC ? (Dual 40G or 100G with fanout/splitters)

    Folks, Does anyone know if I can get 8x10G on a single NIC using Dual 40G or 100G with fanout/splitters ? Thanks john
  2. R

    40GbE ConnectX-4 to ConnectX-3 Transceiver Recommendation

    tl;dr - I'm trying to connect a ConnectX-4 MCX4131A-BCAT to a ConnectX-3 MCX354A at 40GbE. My Kaiam XQX2502's only seem to negotiate 1GbE. Is there a transceiver that will get me back to 40Gbps? Previously, I had two ConnectX-3 MCX354A's connected (Windows to Linux) with Kaiam XQX2502's linked...
  3. bryan_v

    Juniper LX4 optics & Mellanox CX3/SX6036 compatibility

    Quick question: Has anyone had any success with 40G LX4 transceivers in Mellanox CX3 cards and SX6036 switches (specifically Juniper QSFP+ 40G LX4 LC transceivers)? I'm about to run optics throughout the house, and MTP/MPO cables are so much more expensive than LC/LC cables for multiple runs...
  4. C

    How to use the mlx5_core driver with Mellanox ConnectX-4 Lx in Debian?

    I just got these ConnectX-4 Lx in the mail, but not getting very far. I've been treating this like the ixgbe driver: I see Kernel driver in use: mlx5_core and am trying to create virtual functions in /etc/modprobe.d/mlx5_core.conf with some options like options mlx5_core num_vfs=12...
  5. D

    Have I accounted for everything needed for a 40g direct connect

    This is my first time attempting networking anything and even after 48 hours of trying to learn new terminology, technology and acronyms i'm still worried about blind buying and ending up with incompatible parts that i'd need to return. I'm a little embarrassed asking such basic questions when a...
  6. L

    Mellanox ConnectX-4s Not Working

    So I've spent many hours on this completely unnecessary home network upgrade from 40 gigabit to 100 gigabit and it has been a very frustrating journey. I recently acquired a Celestica DX010 100 gigabit switch loaded with SONiC, two Mellanox ConnectX-4s (Exact model for both appears to be...
  7. W

    Intel XL710 40G not detected on DELL Poweredge servers

    Hi, We are having a strange issue where i have 4 dual port 40G NIC's with the Intel XL710 chipset which will not work properly on multiple dell poweredge systems. The cards show up in the bios, but are not properly detected in the OS and the i40e drivers are not loaded. Servers tried...
  8. U

    Flashing stock Mellanox firmware to OEM (EMC) ConnectX-3 IB/Ethernet dual-port QSFP adapter

    Hello! I have the opportunity to purchase some used dual-port Mellanox MCX354A-QCBT ConnectX-3 cards with VPI network adapter. (10 GbE Ethernet and 40 Gbps InfiniBand.) These would be perfect for my cluster after correct configuration.. They were originally pulled from EMC systems and...
  9. P

    40G Network Setup Advice Needed

    Hi everybody, I need to setup a 40G network, I am connecting a single workstation with a server. As of right now, I only need point-to-point between these two machines. Distance is app. 15m. Been reading up on 40G required hardware, but am a little bit confused, so I have some questions -...
  10. M

    EU WTB: Looking for 40/10 switch (Gnodal or similar)

    Hello, I am look gnodal or similar switch for SAN network. Offers please to PM. I'm from Czech Republic. Thanks Kolar