10 gbe

  1. L

    EU FS: QLogic QLE2672 Dual Port 16GBit Fibre Channel HBA 10 GbE NIC SFP+ & Transceiver

    Hi everyone, tested 16G FC for a while recently, selling my last QLogic 16G FC HBA / 10GbE CNA adapter. With a switch in the controller firmware you can either set it in 16G FC or 10G mode, so quite flexible. Comes in original plastic box with both brackets and 2x Qlogic AFBR-57F5MZ-QL 16GBit...
  2. BeTeP

    Supermicro AOC-STGN-I1S $18 shipped

    To my surprise many people considered $40 shipped to be a good price for a dual port Intel 82599 based card. How about just one port for less than half the price then? Supermicro AOC-STGN-I1S Single-port Intel 82599EN 10GbE 10GBase-X Ethernet Card 672042137480 | eBay
  3. A

    Can't get Startech PEX10000sfp 10gbe working on OMV v5 (Debian) ???

    Hi, has anyone got a Startech PEX10000sfp 10gbe card working with OMV v5 ? [Debian based distro currently on the Linux amd64 v5.4.0 kernel - I think...] I plugged a new card in last week and OMV just completely ignored it's existence Was hoping it would be plug and play, any advise would be...
  4. T

    Recommendation for 10GBE Card for Dell PowerEdge

    Hello - I am wondering whether any one could recommend a well priced 10GBE card for Dell PowerEdge R630. I want it to have 2 Ports ideally - eventually I plan to probably buy the MikroTik CRS309-1G-8S+IN - however initially I would use just one of the ports and connect it to one of the two SFP+...
  5. J

    Qnap QSW-1208-8C 12-Port Unmanaged 10GbE Switch - $350

    Qnap QSW-1208-8C 12-Port Unmanaged 10GbE Switch on sale for $349.99. Shipping is free. Originally $589. https://www.adorama.com/qnqsw1288cus.html Alternatively, Adorama via Newegg also has Qnap QSW-1208-8C 12-Port Unmanaged 10GbE Switch on sale for $349.99. Shipping is free.
  6. Bjorn Smith

    EU (OBSOLETE - consolidated)

    Hi, 10G SFP+ network cards for sale 2 x HP NC522SFP 2-Port 10GbE SFP+ £20 a piece 2 x HP 560SFP+ 2-Port 10GbE SFP+ (Intel x520-da2 in disguise) £40 a piece 1 x Intel x520-da2 £60 - SOLD 1 x Emulex P008827-43h 2-Port 10GbE SFP+ £40 2 x Mellanox ConnectX-2 Single port £10 a piece (locking...
  7. Kei-0070

    10Gbe poor performance in windows

    Just ran some basic testing on the 3 machines that are going to be linked together via 10Gbe and found some slightly strange performance issues. This is the kit that is linked together: Switch - Juniper EX3300 with juniper SR transceivers no vlans or L3 features enabled 1500 MTU PC1 - Windows...
  8. Kei-0070

    Solarflare SFP+ 10Gbe cards

    I've seen the odd thread that suggests that the 7122 model is pretty good. Most of the models I've found are listed as: SF432-1012-R2.0 S7120 SF329-9021-R7 I'm guessing these are cards from OEMs like dell/IBM etc. Does anyone have any experience with any of these models?
  9. mattaw

    FS: Silicom 4x 10GBe SFP+ PE310G4i71LB-XR, Intel X710 ultra low profile Ethernet (Ebay)

    $300 shipped. A rather unusual ultra-low profile 4x 10GBe Silicom X710 based PCIe Ethernet card. PE310G4i71LB-XR. I am also including the high profile bracket. Worked fine with Myricom 10G-SFP-SR optics. Can use Intel's standard drivers or Silicom's available with a signup. Supports most...
  10. MikeWebb

    Faster then 10Gb home, home office and lab recommendations (IB, VPI etc?)

    Hi there all, I've just finished setting up a nice AIO proxmox server and between it and my workstation (direct connection), it saturates 10Gb or gives a faster then local SSD speed depending on work load (NFS maxes out at 4GB/s but thats a different thread)......and now I want more. Well not...
  11. hmartin

    EU [suspect] Intel X540-T2 29€

    Someone on eBay is selling Intel X540-T2 dual 10G Ethernet adapters for 29€ each: Intel-chipsets-x540-T2-10G-PCI-Express-dual-RJ45-ports-Network-Adapter Intel | eBay Hard to believe given the average price of this card! I ordered one and will update if it's genuine or not. Edit: hard to...
  12. N

    FS: mITX Silent ESX Homelab, 10GB Switch & NAS Case

    Selling my homelab now that I have one hosted at my office. All prices include shipping to CONUS via USPS or UPS. International shipping on a case by case basis. Accept Paypal, BTC, ETH as payment. 2x ESX mITX Nodes - $300 ea or $500 for both. Case - iStar S21 Mobo - Intel S1200KPR CPU -...
  13. S

    A small 10gbe home network. Need a advice.

    Hello everybody I plan to upgrade my home network to 10 gbps (and I'm a bit noob on this issue) And that's why I plan to buy several network cards with FPS + from eBay based on which I want to create a PC router. What adapters can you recommend? For no problem working in windows 10 / server 2012...