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    Understanding IOPS vs. Latency (in Random read/write)

    Did you test it? Do you see improvements on the performance of your DL Pipeline? I am currently in the market of buying a new M2 drive, and I am wondering if its really worth the extra dollar.
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    Which container manager do you guys use?

    Does this actually work on a single node?
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    Which container manager do you guys use?

    Hi guys! Which container manager do you guys use? - plain compose? - portainer? - Something else? I need this for my home server, to test some applications and stuff. But wondering what is the 'easiest' solution. Cheers! Martin
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    Tiny/Mini/Micro PC experiences

    What is the best 'TinyMiniMicro' option with a 10GBE interface at the moment? Looking for an economical solution, doesn't need to be fully fledged last gen, just something to test a few things... Cheers! Martin
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    Number Cruncher - High-core count, 'small case'

    Hi, I just wanted to show you guys my new build, this forum has been a great inspiration for sourcing parts ;). My current rig runs a Broadwell-EP and I wanted to get a little more punch with AVX-512 and the journey started, because I found a 6212U for an incredible price. This workstation is...
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    Dual EPS PSU recommendation

    Right! Thanks didn't see this one.
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    Dual EPS PSU recommendation

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a good PSU with dual EPS connectors? My requirements: - Silent, no coil whine - Dual EPS - around 1000W I was looking for a be quiet straight power 11 1000w but they don't provide dual EPS as far as I can see. Cheers!
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    Xeon Gold 62xxU - Mainboard compatibility

    Hi, Which mainboards are compatible with the 62xxU? I checked out the Asus Sage C621-64L but couldn't find it on the compatibility list. Is that true, or ist that just something that Asus did not update on their website? Which mainboards would be suited for a 1P 2nd gen Xeon? Thanks! Styp
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    Intel Xeon Scalable CPU's: sweet spot $$

    bump. What do you guys think is the current situation? And what options do I have if I try to avoid QS or 240W parts - should work with an WS C612-64L
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    Zen3 or Rocketlake?

    Maybe it's a stupid idea, but for all those server at home guys, Ice Lake on Socket P5 might be out soon too... Who knows what the 8 core SKU will be priced at. :P
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    Zen3 or Rocketlake?

    11700 was already sold in germany, by accident. So benchmarks are around - probably with 'early' bios.
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    Zen3 or Rocketlake?

    I am kind of in the same boat. Want to replace my E5v4 with a little more single-core performance. As far as I see it, AMD and Intel are kind of a 'dead end' but at the same time it's probably the pinnacle of maturity of the current plattforms. I have the 10nm Intel Sunny Cove in my...
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    LGA 2011-3 Upgrade Path?

    I am kind of in the same boat, as many here. Upgraded after getting convinced to single socket E5v4 but I need more computing power and will stick to one GPU for the time to come. Not sure if a high core count Xeon Gold / Platinum is worth the upgrade or a 5900x is a valid option. I think when...
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    Top supercomputers and xeon cpus

    There was not too much progress in the CPU market since Haswell, IPC wise. The biggest difference is IO and packaging, with enough space and the right accelerator cards, I don't see a reason why Haswell based systems can't lead the ranking...
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    Workstation: 5120T vs. W-2140B, and mobos.

    Sorry, didn't get that ATX was a constraint...