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    First home brew NAS (FreeNAS)

    I would not run FreeNAS in your case. It's exceptional at running large amounts of disks/data, but it's not really practical in your case. I'd say if you're planning on running 6 or less disks AND you don't have a need for a bunch of IOPS, you might as well go with Synology/Xpenology/Unraid...
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    Planning a replacement for HPE dl360p G8 - need advice

    How many VM's you trying to run ? Might wanna just build a cluster based on the results of Patrick's Corporate NUC project thing he's working on. For Plex, just get a machine with 8GB ram and Intel UHD630 graphics, you should be fine with a solid number of transcodes there.
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    HGST 10TB SAS 4Kn HDDs for $150. OBO

    Chiming in to say I got (4) at $130/ea. Seems to be the seller's bottom dollar for lowish quantities.
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    HP Proliant SSD Compatibility

    Thanks, I have a couple myself and when I was researching that was recommended somewhere. I had not tried it myself. Perhaps it was recommended for a different reason?
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    HP Proliant SSD Compatibility

    HP doesn't just hand that information out unfortunately.. They want you to buy branded drives from them. If you want wide compatibility in these machines, it's best to swap out the HP raid cards with a card that doesn't care what kind of drives are connected.
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    HP Proliant SSD Compatibility

    This list has been pretty helpful to me. HP Server Third Party Drive Compatability I bought some ADATA ones on the list as OS boot drives for a G8 and all looks good from my end so far. No thermal runway or anything
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    *UPDATED* 2020 Blowout - Complete Servers - SSD - Networking & MORE!

    Any additional info on the drives you've got or are you not interested in selling those in small batches by themselves?
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    WiFi Access point recommendations?

    Almost everyone at pfsense forums will tell you don't use it to provide WiFi. Spend $50 and get the ruckus 500 (or $120and get 3 of them). It'll be stable and much easier to troubleshoot down the road.
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    Ruckus R500 for $50 or maybe an offer for 3x R500 for $40 each

    They'll work just about as well as the Unifi AP's in the same position. The Unifi AP's are also best placed on the ceiling but work OK on a flat surface.
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    Micron M500 960GB SSD SATA III MLC 6Gb/s $50 with offer

    Anyone know if these cause the thermal runway in DL360p G8's ? I don't see the exact model listed here: HP Server Third Party Drive Compatability
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    Intel SSDSS2DE400G3 2.5" 400GB SAS MLC $119 @Newegg

    I shot over an offer of $35/ea for 6 and they countered at 55/ea. Looks like you did OK.
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    Supermicro A1SAi-2750F-O mini-itx motherboard $120 *soldout*

    What's the model on just one of those sticks so I can try and find some? The ones on the supermicro tested list are pretty hard to source for a reasonable price. EDIT: NVM, found it: hmt41ga7afr8a Hynix Option Samsung Option
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    Supermicro A1SAi-2750F-O mini-itx motherboard $120 *soldout*

    Anyone have decent memory recommendations for this mobo? Looking for 8GB sticks.
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    Cheap LGA2011 (v1) systems and more

    I think I talked myself out of it when I saw the listing didn't come with drive caddies.
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    Cheap LGA2011 (v1) systems and more

    If the SC200 does only require a proper SAS controller card, I'll be very interested in picking one up.