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    I have had great success with these narrow LGA2011 to AM4 adapters. You might need to cut the side parts out for some coolers, but they're so solid you can take all the sides away and they're still really strong. I've mounted Wraith Prisms to my 135W Xeons and they're never above 70C, usually...
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    EU FS: Cisco Nexus Switch C5672UP, 48x SFP+ + 6xQSFP+, Ethernet + FCoE ports

    Thanks for the reply. That's unfortunate, I thought I was first to say I wanted it. Did it sell elsewhere? If it doesn't work out then I'm definitely interested.
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    EU FS: Cisco Nexus Switch C5672UP, 48x SFP+ + 6xQSFP+, Ethernet + FCoE ports

    Luckily, computers are one of the few 0 rated imports to the UK, although I may be wrong and end up paying a bit more. Brexit has not been kind to my purchases... (or any other part of my life)
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    EU FS: Cisco Nexus Switch C5672UP, 48x SFP+ + 6xQSFP+, Ethernet + FCoE ports

    I would expect a 20% tax on it my side (VAT only I think, there shouldn't be import duty), and shipping seems to vary wildly by country, carrier and what our PM said today. If shipping is manageable then finding a mutually acceptable payment method would be next. We're both pretty new here.
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    EU FS: Cisco Nexus Switch C5672UP, 48x SFP+ + 6xQSFP+, Ethernet + FCoE ports

    I'm really interested in this, but I have a few questions first please: I'm in the UK. Would it be possible to post to here? Do you know how much it might cost or how heavy it is? What payment method would you want? Is it complete? Have you noticed any compatibility problems or have you had...
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    UK SSD Toshiba HK4R THNSN8960PCSE 960GB £59.99/$79

    They also have Micron ones for the same price: CISCO 960GB 2.5” SSD SOLID STATE SATA HDD USCW-SD960G0KA2-C for Invicta System | eBay
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    SAS 4.0, PCI-E 4.0, Upcoming 24Gbps, New HBA’s and RAID cards, SlimSAS, My New “Cables” and the new SFF Connector: The Future Is Here, Bois.

    I just got a HBA355i and have the same problem finding cables. As LP cables are pin compatible with the non-LP cables, might it be possible to 3D print a shim that the normal cable can fit in that then clips into the LP socket? I've never printed anything myself, but it seems like a cheaper...
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    (WTB - US)ECC SODIMM that works with EPC612D4I

    I have the same board. You can improve your chances of your sticks working by upgrading the BIOS. Also, if you don't have all four slots populated then make sure you're using them in the correct order as it says in the manual. Mine is a bit funny if it only has one stick or if it has two but...
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    EXPIRED Project Olympus Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor Motherboard

    I would be interested, and I'm in the UK. Do you know how much he wants for them?
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    Plex Pass Lifetime May the Fourth 24h Sale [Normally $120]

    It's still working, in case anyone is worried they missed out
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    EU UK - FS: Xeon v3, X99 MATX, RAM, Thunderbolt AIC, Thunderbolt 2.5" drive bays, PSU

    Asrock X99m Extreme 4 - £120 This was my home server for a while. It runs well with retail and ES v3 & v4 Xeons. Xeon E5-4610v3 - £50 Retail version. 10 cores, 20 threads, 1.7GHz, 105W TDP, no turbo. The high TDP and no turbo means it should run predictably at exactly 1.7GHz all the time...
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    EU Hitachi Ultrastar 3TB for sale with BO (amount available)

    I don't want to buy, but I think you might want to double check that auction. It doesn't say anywhere that £135 is the price for all 4 of them, or that 4 are available. Unless that is the price each? In which case you might need to reconsider as Lambdatek are selling them for £47 each refurb.
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    HPE Samsung PM863a 3.84TB @ ~ $150 (Gone!)

    My order was cancelled and refunded by the seller. He said it was an automatic listing that went wrong. I'd guess both sellers have the same supplier and that's where the misprice is.
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    Just so you don't end up with the wrong thing, 2011-1 isn't what you're after, that's an 4/8 way Xeon socket. You want LGA2011.
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    5tb seagate 2.5" $100

    They are SMR, I trust these guys: Seagate Introduces BarraCuda 2.5” HDDs with Up to 5 TB Capacity That article also goes some way to explaining why they might not perform as badly as SMR should. That said, I have 8 across a couple of TB enclosures with ZFS and they work great, no complaints a...