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    Coffee Suggestions

    Dark Roasted Blend
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    12 x 120GB SSD ($50each)

    @3I7 Provide a link to the sold listing on eBay.
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    Is Amazon down?

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    Forum maintenance tonight!

    2, 10, 11. Eyes, Fingers, Toes crossed...
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    BIOS Update Dell C1100

    Quick Reply: Also check out the reference material posted by @nthu9280 Reference Material Link to Dell PowerEdge C Bios, FW files Reference Material - Link to Dell PowerEdge C Bios, FW files
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    Wanted: LTO "jewel" cases

    LTO Tape Cases ( Lot of 100 ) | eBay Another option... LTO Tape Cases ( Lot of 100 ) @ US $112.56 + $16.71 International Priority Shipping to United Kingdom via the Global Shipping Program Link: LTO Tape Cases ( Lot of 100 ) | eBay
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    Wanted: LTO "jewel" cases

    Remaining: 5 lots of 50 cases @ $44.95 US each lot + estimated shipping to UK London WC2N 5 Shipping estimate for 5 lots (Total: 250 cases): US $38.70 for quantity 5 See import charges at checkout United Kingdom International Priority Shipping Estimated between Fri. Mar. 24 and Wed. Mar. 29...
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    What do you do w/ your old hard disks for disposal

    Source: How-to: Thermite hard drive destruction
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    Houston Area Business Partner

    Spoor... and what not GoNode5: Just though I would show a cool update I implemented yesterday. It is a support add on so when clients order certain things and they want to track how the service is going and how long its taking and what not I've applied this: This add on is mostly used for...
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    FS: STH Effect Stockpile of Server Parts

    @whitey In light of recent "Random" posts... Possible title change request? FS: Super Amazing Server Parts FS: STH Effect Stockpile of Server Parts ...only dropped once! (j/k)
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    Any Interest in Hyper-Converged Infrastructure?

    Yes please, and thank you.
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    STH should have more of these types of posts

    In a world of subscription based content, relevant to my interests, I would gladly pay a prime or monthly sub to maintain the integrity of the mission. The depth of knowledge shared through STH articles, forums and content created by like minded individuals are a driving force (to my STH TapTalk...
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    HP / HPE Moonshot Unofficial Reference Guide

    HPE Moonshot Family (2016) Source HPE Moonshot Chassis: Moonshot 1500 (45 server blades) Moonshot 400 (4 server blades) Moonshot 100 (1 server blade) HPE Moonshot Blade/Cartridges : m300 m350 Intel Atom m400 m800 Arm m700 AMD w/ GPU m710p Intel Xeon E3-1284L v4 “Broadwell-H” with Iris...
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    Hello HPE Moonshot - Initial installation impressions

    @Patrick The HPE Moonshot chassis is a deep one. Did yours extend like this.... (Source: HPE Moonshot Pron)