Zcash CPU Mining with Docker

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    For those who want an easy way to mine Zcash (ZEC) using Docker here is a simple way to run a fairly optimized miner in Docker:
    docker run -d -e username=example@example.com servethehome/zec_cpu_nheq_minergate
    Replace example@example.com with your minergate username.

    This Docker image will compile and run the nheq CPU miner, automatically detect cores and launch cores - 1 for threads.

    The advantage of using this method is that you can use this to easily launch Zcash CPU mining on a Docker swarm cluster.

    Note, there are no fees for using this image. If you do want to sign up using our minergate affiliate link (this would be appreciated), here it is:
    Smart multicurrency mining pool & 1-click GUI miner

    This Docker image seems to be working well on 1-4 socket Intel systems:

    There is an alternative image for the zcash.flypool.org pool. You can just use your zcash t_address for the username:
    docker run -d -e username=t_address servethehome/zec_cpu_nheq_flypool
    Let me know if there is another pool you want to use and I can make a Dockerized image for it easily.

    We also have a similar image for Monero CPU Mining in Docker
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    Can you please provide the Dockerfile/upload the Source to GitHub?
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    For the Monero CPU Mining docker image, I could attach to the image, and then ctrl-c out to kill the job. How do I kill the Zcash docker image since you can't ctrl-c out?

    edit: Nevermind, I opened a new ssh window and used "docker kill". You were right, this is a great way to force yourself to learn Docker.

    Next question, any idea what would cause the logs to report nothing but this?
    [18:07:25][0x00007f8338705740] Speed [300 sec]: 0 I/s, 0 Sols/s
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