1. Patrick

    Containerized Zcash ZEC Mining with nvidia-docker

    Knocked this one out this evening since I know we now need crypto mining to go along with our deep learning nvidia cards. Available Images zcash.flypool.org nvidia-docker run -itd -e username=<insert_t_address> servethehome/zec_flypool_ewbf:cuda dwarfpool nvidia-docker run -itd -e...
  2. Patrick

    Zcash CPU Mining with Docker

    For those who want an easy way to mine Zcash (ZEC) using Docker here is a simple way to run a fairly optimized miner in Docker: Code: docker run -d -e username=example@example.com servethehome/zec_cpu_nheq_minergate Replace example@example.com with your minergate username. This Docker image...
  3. Patrick

    Zcash getting started with CPU mining (easily)

    There are a lot of guides out there but I wanted to do a quick guide for those who want to setup mining quickly and easily. I am going to be using the NiceHash pool for this as I do think most will want to be in a bigger pool. Step 1: Kraken There are other exchanges but Kraken does offer...