X8DTU-F and NVME / UEFI booting


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May 1, 2018
Hi there,

Long time, no post! I got my X8DTU-F motherboard back up and running and boy, that was tough :)

So, I'm finally in the position to proceed with my ESXi / FreeNAS install. I've installed ESXi to my 32 GB Intel Optane M.2 SSD, which is connected to my system via a M.2 PCie to PCI Express 3.0 x4 Host Adapter Card. ESXi recognizes it as a boot drive, no problem, but I can not, for the life of me, get the SuperMicro X8DTU-F BIOS to recognize the M.2 drive, nor does the BIOS have an UEFI / Legacy boot option.


Has anyone successfully gotten a X8DTU-F to boot off a NVMe drive? Or enabled the UEFI / Legacy boot options that *should* be in the BIOS? Any ideas / suggestions?

Thanks so much!



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Mar 20, 2019
The X8 series didn't have UEFI at all, that's a traditional BIOS.

On the X9 series, you can hack the UEFI and add an NVME module - or use one of the NVME SSDs that had a legacy storage OpROM (Samsung 950 PRO, Plextor M8Pe, there may have been others, those are the two I've used successfully).

On your board, you'll probably have to use a UEFI emulator like "DUET" + Clover, which is a UEFI bootloader, both installed to a flash drive or something.