EU WTB: Dell R1-2210 VRTX switch module

Bjorn Smith

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Sep 3, 2019

Just bought a Dell VRTX with 10Gbe Mezzanine cards, but it only has a 1Gbe switch, so I would like to upgrade it to 10Gbe so I don't have to use pci network cards to get decent speeds towards my san.

So if anyone has access to a cheap Dell R1-2210 switch module for the VRTX, PM me.

Cheap is less than £500, preferably even lower, since it has to compete with just getting 4xpcie cards and assigning them to the blades.

Oh and if anyone have idea on how to get a cheap enterprise license for the VRTX chassis, PM me as well. I already have enterprise licenses for the blades iDRAC, which is the most important.

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